Fabric Covered “Play” Word Art

Happy Monday everyone!
I hope you had a lovely weekend! 
 Travis was home for the first weekend in about a month so needless to say we all enjoyed the much needed family time. 
I have been finding some time to get a little crafty lately, which is awesome because I definitely felt like I was in a slump, and this is a projected I completed one afternoon last week.
I love how it turned out and it was pretty easy to do as well, just takes a little bit of time, but I completed it in one nap time session. 
 Here’s what I did.
-Large wooden word of your choice (I got this fabulous Play from my blogging friend Amanda and her new shop, Impressions Shop.)
-Quilting Batting
-Spray Adhesive
-Hot Glue Gun (low temp gun is the way to go to save your finger tips!)

 Begin by rolling out your batting and then placing your word on top of it.
Cut out a large chunk of the batting around your word giving yourself a seam allowance.
After you have your batting cut out, set that aside and roll out some paper towel or a piece of cardboard, just something large enough to protect the area around you, and place your word on top.
Spray the spray adhesive all over the letters.
Remove it from the protective base and then place the batting on top.
Smooth your hand over all the letters to ensure that the batting has been glued down.
 Time to trim the batting!
Trim it close to the wood and don’t forget the centers of the letters! 

Leave a slight overhang on the batting so it wraps down over the sides of the letters to soften the edges. 
I cut it short enough that it didn’t go onto the back of the letter, just stayed on the side. 
You will repeat the same process with the fabric.
Cut one large piece, glue it to the batting, the trim around to cut down the extra fabric.
When trimming, make sure to leave enough fabric for the all the detailed areas.
DO NOT cut the fabric of the center of the letters yet!
 Time to glue down the fabric.
Just apply some hot glue to the back of your letter and wrap the fabric to the back, pulling tight.
Make sure you don’t pull too much of the fabric from the other side of the letter but if you glue it down, you should me ok.
When you get to a rounded part or small corner, just pleat the fabric as you glue it down.
Continuing gluing all the way around of the letter.
If you have too much fabric on one side or in a spot, just trim it as you go.
The back isn’t pretty much it is all glued down! 
Once the letters are complete and all glued, take a rotary cutter or scissors and cut out the center of your letters.
Glue the same way as the outside.
And that’s it! 
It is complete and ready to be hung! 
I left my back as is, all messy, since no one will see it anyways but if you can’t stand to leave it like that, you can cut and glue felt to the back of it to hide all the mess.
To hang on the wall I just used some picture hanging strips from Command and it worked like a charm.
I love it up on the wall in the girl’s playroom! 
It was the perfect addition to the gallery wall and the colors matched all the other pieces perfectly!
Makes me want to play, how about you?! 
Be sure to check out Impressions Shop to see their great words! 


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