Fabric Covered Storage Boxes

Hey!  It’s Donna from Modern on Monticello again and I’m here to share a quick decorative storage solution using basic cardboard boxes.

A few weeks ago on my blog I reveal the first look at my new craft room, you can read about it here
This room includes a full wall of built in shelving which is fabulous for organizing so much of my random craft supplies.  I did have the problem though of not enough containers for all of my stash.  I didn’t want to buy any more plastic containers and instead came up with a very budget friendly way of adding some storage – and color – to that side of the room.
I didn’t need to search long for several boxes around my house because each month I receive the perfect sized storage box in the mail from Bark Box – an online toy and dog treat subscription for my dogs.  They don’t pay me to advertise their product, but let me just tell you my dogs know exactly what is in THAT box when I bring it in the house.  They love it!  For months I have been letting the boxes pile up not only because they are good sturdy boxes and I hated to recycle them, but I have had this idea in the back of my mind for some time.
The next thing I needed was adorable fabric in the same colors as the tops of the plastic containers I already owned and in colors that matched the 31 bags hanging on the wall above my work table.  I actually found exactly what I was looking for in the fabric department at Walmart  – yes Walmart.  I wasn’t even shopping for fabric but saw these 20″ x 20″ Waverly fat quarters on an end-cap and thought they just might work.  For only $.97 cents each they were a great option to try out.
Imagine how excited I was to find out they fix the boxes perfectly!  My boxes are 7 1/2″ wide x 11 1/4″ long x 5″ high.  Not very big boxes but the right size to fit on my shelves.  I removed the top off each box.
After ironing each fat quarter to remove the folds, I found a easy way to attach the fabric to each box using spray adhesive and a glue gun.  I laid the box in the center of the fabric and made four cuts around the edges to make the fabric folds.
I then sprayed the outside of the box with the adhesive and folded the two ends pieces over the side of the box, smoothing out any wrinkles in the fabric.  Then I folded the long pieces over the first folds.
The fat quarter was a little taller than the height of the box and you can either fold it over to the inside or trim off the excess like I did.  I planned to wrap some white cotton fabric inside the box so I trimmed off the excess fabric.  But don’t throw it away!  You might find a use for it later in this project.
I could have purchased white color fat quarters for the inside of the box – or any other coordinating color – but I knew I already had a few yards of white cotton fabric in my craft fabric stash so decided to use that instead.
I tried a few different methods to add the fabric on the inside of the box, but this is the one I found easiest to apply and work with for my final look of the storage box.
First,  I cut a piece of the cotton fabric to the size of the bottom of the box and secured it with spray adhesive.
I measured and cut a long length of fabric in the same length of all four sides of the inside of the box.  With two sides at 7 1/2″ and two at 11 1/4″ I cut the fabric at 36″ with a height of 8″ to make an overlapping cuff on the top of the box.  To make it very easy to attach to the inside of the box, I rolled the length of fabric in a tube and just rolled it around the inside of the box sprayed with adhesive.
The inside fabric doesn’t fit tight and smooth but with things stored in it you really won’t see the inside much anyway.  You need the extra length and give in the fabric to be able to fold it over the top of the box.  I tucked in the fabric around the top edge to make a cuff and secured it with hot glue.
I could have called this project done at this point but I wanted to hide the outside seams on the cuff so I dug around in my craft stash for some decorative trim to fancy up the boxes a bit.  Or, as I mentioned earlier, I used the excess trim that I cut off the fabric to make some creative flower petals.

I am thrilled with the pop of color on the shelves and the extra storage I now have in my craft room. One of the best parts, I get one of these boxes every month on the 15th so I can continue to make more decorative storage boxes as I need them.  In all, I have less than $2.00 in each fabric covered box and they are unique and one of a kind to match the decor of my craft room.
Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next month.
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    February 17, 2017 at 5:20 pm

    This is such a great idea! We would love to have you at our To Grandma's house we go link party that opened this Wednesday morning and lasts all week! Its at grandmashousediy.com 🙂