Fabric Tassel Garland

I have been planning Miss P’s 4th birthday party, which is occurring this weekend, for a few weeks now. I feel like I have figured it out quickly but then I feel super unprepared. Not sure why, perhaps since I normally make a lot of decorations for the party and I haven’t really done that this time.
I did create this garland though. It will be on the window in our dining room and on the background of the photo booth. 
It is SUPER easy! 
Here’s the quick run down on how to make it.
– Cutting mat
– Twine or ribbon
-Rotary Cutter
– Ruler. straight edge

Begin by cutting your fabric into strips.
I kept my fabric in half and cut it into the 2 in. strips.
Then cut those strips in half. 
I cut 6 strips of each fabric and then ended with 12 of each after cutting them in half.
Time to make the garland.
Take a strip of fabric and fold it in half.
Place the folded fabric in front of the twine or ribbon and then wrap the ends around the back and through the loop.
Pull tight.
After you pull tight, it looks like the top of a tie. 
This make it really easy to remove the strips later or move them on the line. They also lay better then if you just tied it around the twine.
Tie as many as you like and you are done! 
Once I started knotting them, I was done within 5 mins and completed the whole project within 30 mins. 
I kinda want to make more for other areas of the party space! 🙂 


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