{Fabulous Features} #52

Have you ever had so much stuff to do and you aren’t even sure which one to do to complete first to move on to the next thing? Well, that is my life right now! 
My parents were visiting last week and we started a whole new project that we were hoping we could get done soon but it happened MUCH sooner than we thought so that is now added to the long list of items that need to be completed. It is mostly complete but I still have to finish painting everything out so it will be done soon, I hope! But sitting down to craft and/or just blog is also on that list and I feel like it is getting pushed farther down the list even though I have tons of stuff I want to make or can blog about. 
Since I skipped sharing some of my favorite ideas from last week’s Handmade Hangout Party last Friday, thought I would share them this morning before this week’s party begins this afternoon.


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