Fall Container Watercolor

Hello everyone! Welcome to another Watercolor Wednesday post.

Can you believe that September is here which means fall is right around the corner?! Crazy!! I decided to make this week’s painting a fall theme with this Fall Container Watercolor painting.

This painting uses 5 stamps from 5 stamp sets but it is a pretty easy painting and can be completely in a short amount of time.

Let’s get started.

Here are the Art Impression stamps that I used to create this painting. Each specific stamp is circled. I circled both berries in the fall set but you only need to use one of them.

I used a fall color palette for this painting.

  • No 86 African Violet
  • No 88 Terra Cotta
  • No 6 Brown
  • No 28 English Red
  • No 45 Sepia
  • No 27 Olive Brown
  • No 18 Dark Brown
  • No 17 Steel Blue

I created this painting on a 4×4 piece of watercolor paper.

Begin by inking up the container stamp with African Violet followed by Sepia.

Press the container into the center of the paper by closer to the bottom to leave room for the foliage.

Drag the color out of the lines. Remember to leave the center of the item white for a highlight since it is a round object.

Then give the container a coat of color with the dark brown. Once that is dry, add some Brown on top for a little rust effect.

Next, use post it tape or a post it note and mask off the top of the container. Try to only cover the container itself so you know exactly how far out you can put the foliage inside the container.

Time to add the foliage. Begin the large hydrangea looking flower. Ink the top with English Red and the stem with Olive Brown. Place two blooms on the left side of the container. You can always do one or even more than two. Make it your own.

Ink the other flowers with the Terra Cotta for the flowers and again olive brown for the stem and stamp them on the right side of the container.

Tuck in some berries, English red for the berries and dark brown for the stem, as well as dark brown branches. For the branches, only ink a small amount of the stamp and place them above the flowers where you want them. Then using the thin tip of the dark brown draw the rest of the branch down into the container. This way you can tuck them behind flowers and put the branches right where you want them.

Use the thin tip of the English Red to add some dark areas on the berries and add dots into the hydrangea flowers for texture. Do the same with the terra cotta and the orange flowers.

Use the olive brown to add some ground under the container. And lastly, use the steel blue to add a really light sky just around the container. I promise the sky is in this painting. I painted it pretty light and my camera just wasn’t picking it up well.

And that’s it!! Pop it in a frame or turn it into a fall card to give away.

Be sure to join me next week for another new Watercolor Wednesday tutorial.

Check out my step by step video tutorial to paint along with me and to help answer any questions you may have.

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