Fall Farmhouse Pumpkin Wreath

This year, I am all about the light, neutral colors for fall.
I don’t normally go to over the top with fall colors, I normally try to use them sparingly, but the different shades of green, white or cream, and then lighter orange/corals are calling to me.
I saw a wreath out while shopping a few months back and I loved it and thought I could make something similar and add a few other elements into it. The same wreath was actually the same inspiration for the Lace Pumpkin I created last month as well. 
 Here’s how I created it.
-Wreath form of your choice – I used a large grape vine
-Faux Leaves
-Small Pumpkins
-Cotton picks
-Succulent picks
-Pine cones (optional)
-Wire Cutters
-Hot glue gun
Add any other embellishments such as berries. Whatever you want.
Begin by gluing the leaves onto the wreath form. Start in the bottom center and aim all the leaves up the wreath so they meet at the top center. 
 I didn’t want just plain white pumpkins so I glue small doilies to the top of three of them for a little added detail.
Space out and glue the pumpkins into the wreath.
Keep building your wreath with another large item, the succulents. Space them out throughout and between all the pumpkins and glue into place.
Lastly, tuck the cotton picks into any gaps you want filled along with some really small pumpkins. 
And that’s it! 
I love to hang my wreath and then continue to tweak it slightly. Move the leaves around a little, add more into any holes and mess with it until you love it!
 It is a large wreath but I love it on our front door!
Our house looks like an old farmhouse, just in the middle of town, so it
is fitting that this wreath is more of the farmhouse style and goes with our stained door nicely. 
Now for me to just find the motivation to decorate the rest of the porch. 
Have you decorated your porch for fall yet?

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