Fall Hydrangea Wreath

I wanted to share the new fall wreath I created for over our mantle. 
I had a craft day one weekend and wanted to get a whole bunch of stuff completed but I had to use supplies I already had on hand.
I decided to make a wreath so I searched through all my supplies and this is the wreath I came up with and I totally love how it came out! 
 This was a pretty easy wreath to make and here is how I did it.

-Wreath form
-Burlap ruffle ribbon (bought at Michael’s but last year)
-Floral Pins
-Hydrangea blooms (real or fake)
– Acorn picks
– Berry picks
 Use a floral pin and pin the burlap ribbon to the wreath form.
Wrap the ribbon around the wreath form slightly overlapping it as you go.
Wrap the whole wreath leaving some area open to push the hydrangeas into.
I did use all the ribbon when I wrapped the form.
Push the hydrangea blooms into the wreath form.
If you need too, use a pair of scissors to created a hole for the stem first.
Then add the acorns and berries to the outside of the hydrangeas.
And that’s it! 
 I loved being able to use real hydrangea blooms that were in my garden.
The acorns and berries added that extra fall touch to the wreath.
It was a quick creation and I love it! 
And I love how it looks above the mantle with the rest of my fall decor.


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