Fall Pumpkins Watercolor

I am back this week with another fall inspired watercolor painting.

The weather has been quite cool here in Germany so I figured I might as well embrace it and created this Fall Pumpkins Watercolor painting.

This painting only uses two stamp sets, four stamps total so it won’t take that long to complete.

Here’s how you can create one yourself.

As I’ve already stated, this painting only uses two stamps sets: The Harvest Set and the Wooden Chair Mini Set. The exact stamps I used are circled.

These are the colors I used to create my painting but customize it to fit you and make your pumpkins any color that you’d like.

  • No 102 Jade Green
  • No 92 Celery
  • No 14 Turquoise
  • No 15 Olive Green
  • No 17 Steel Blue
  • No 45 Sepia
  • No 13 Ochre
  • No 88 Terra Cotta

This painting is rather small, 2 1/2 x 3 inches. I had a small frame I wanted to use so I made it the size of the frame but you could easily make this a larger painting and add more pumpkins.

Before you actually start your painting, ink and stamp both pumpkins onto a piece of post it tape or a post it note.

The cut out the pumpkins. Cut just outside the actually lines of the pumpkins so when you use them to mask the pumpkins on your paper, they will cover the completely.

Ink the slightly larger pumpkin and stamp it into the center of the paper.

Next, use the mask that you cut out for the large pumpkin to cover the pumpkin you just stamped in the center.

Reink the large pumpkin and stamp it on the right of the center pumpkin. Ink the smaller pumpkin and stamp it on the left side.

Remove the masking tape. The two outer pumpkins now appear like they are behind the center pumpkin.

Drag the color out of the lines. Pull more color out where the pumpkins overlap for more of a shadow.

Time to paint the pumpkins.

For the center pumpkin, start with a layer of celery followed by a layer of jade green. Add a little sepia for some darker areas then follow that up with some olive green. The more layers of color, the darker the hue will get. Remember to leave a highlight in the center and at the top of the pumpkin. Paint the stem with sepia.

For the pumpkin on the right, paint a layer of terra cotta. Add a touch of ochra here and there for lighter areas and sepia where shadows will be found behind the center pumpkin and along the bottom. Add more terra cotta until you get the hue that you would like.

For the pumpkin on the right, paint a layer with ochra. Add a little terra cotta in the shadowy areas as well as some sepia. Repeat with ochra until the pumpkin is how you’d like it.

Use the thin side of the sepia marker to add in more shadows where the pumpkins touch and on the stems. If any of your lines got a little washed out, draw those back in as well.

Next, mask off the center pumpkin and the pumpkin on the right. Ink the small branch bunch with sepia and stamp them in behind the pumpkins.

Remove the mask from the right pumpkin and place it over the left. If the left pumpkin is the same as the center, it won’t cover it completely but it will do the trick for what we need it to do. Stamp in more branches behind the pumpkins.

Stamp a few more branches in front of the pumpkins. Then ink the vine with olive green, and a little jade and sepia. Stamp in front of the pumpkins and coming out from behind them if you’d like. Soften with water.

Use some sepia to add a little bit of dirt under and around the vines. Paint the sky in with steel blue.

And that’s it! Sign and date it and decide what you’d like to do with it. Pop it into a frame or make a larger version for a fall themed card.

I can’t wait to display mine with all my fall decor.

Stay tuned for a whole new watercolor tutorial next week.

Check out the step by step video tutorial below and paint along right with me. 🙂

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