Family Fall Fun

I thought I’d share a family post today since we haven’t appeared on the blog in a while. The girls are getting big and Miss S will actually be 2 this Sunday! SAY WHAT?!?! So far, we all are enjoying WI and love all the parks that are little just minutes from our house in every direction. Still a little nervous to experience our first winter though! EEK! 
Since we moved we don’t have a photographer to take any family pictures of us and with all the pretty parks and colors coming out I really wanted to have some done. 
Since I do have a tripod and a decent camera I just asked a friend to meet us in the park and take some for us. 
We got a couple good photos before the girls were both over the smiling but that’s ok. 

Some of the best photos actually came once we got home and decided to play in the fallen leaves in our side yard before heading in for dinner. 
 We have a little side yard, I like to call it our secret garden, that has a few super large trees and is surrounded on all side with bushes, so we popped into it and had a blast! 

 Miss S anticipating the leaves falling on her.

 We ALL had a blast! 

 It was a fun afternoon making some fun family memories together in the leaves!


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