Faux Barn Wood Flower Box

I will admit, that I am loving the metal and wood vintage inspired flower pots, vases, watering cans, and boxes with printed labels on them that are out right now. What I am not excited about is the price of some of the ones that I have run across.

So one day while out shopping I ran across this plain wood box in the wood section of Hobby Lobby and thought it would be fun to make my own version.

Here’s how I created it.

-Wooden Box (bought at Hobby Lobby for $9.99)
-Styrofoam rectangles (2)
-Faux Flowers
-Folk Art Barn wood Finish
-Hot Glue Gun
-Wire Cutters

Begin by painting the wood box with step 1 of the barn wood finish which is a stain.

Let dry at least 4 hours before continuing to the next step.

 I didn’t stain the inside all the way down I just did it enough that you wouldn’t see the plain wood on the inside.

Once step one is dry it is time to apply the second step to the barn wood finish, the cream wax.

Paint the entire surface with the wax.

Take a clean rag and wipe off any excess wax.

Then immediately use thick paper or wood to drag across the wax taking it off and creating the barn wood effect. I just used a ruler and after each drag I wiped it off onto the rag to remove any excess wax on the ruler.

Keep working the finish until you are happy with the look of the wood.

Work you way around the whole box until you are happy with the look.

Once the wax was dry, I stacked two pieces of Styrofoam inside.

I hot glued moss on top of the Styrofoam to cover it.

Cut the flower stems just above the height of the box.

Then just push down into the Styrofoam.

And that’s it!

 I left the box as is right now without a vintage looking stamp on the box but I think I may see if I can find a design that I like and add one but for now I love how it came out.

I have yet to decide where I am going to put it. I have three different locations so I need to figure out which one I like it best in.

Here is another way I used the barn wood finish technique.

Faux Barn wood Menu Board


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