Faux Pallet Heart Wall Art

** This post is sponsored by FloraCraft, Make It: Fun. All ideas and opinions are 100% my own. **
I have a fun project for you today and the entire thing, okay 98% of it, is made of Make It: Fun Foam! Yep, foam! 
This takes some time but is actually super easy! 
-Styrofoam Cutter- FloraCraft StyroCutter Plus
-FloraCraft Make It: Fun Foam Sheets (I used a 1/2 in. sheet for the heart and a 1in. sheet for the pallet.)
-Marker or Pen
-FloraCraft Smooth Finish
-Acrylic Paint
-Glitter (optional)

I began by using a marker and drawing different ideas that I may want to cut out. When I was happy with a design it was time to cut.
Use a foam cutter to cut out your design. This thing is amazing. I just sliced through the foam like butter. But be careful!! The wand gets very hot and you need to just let it do the work for you. If you try to force it, the wand can break off. 
This part took some time but it was kinda mesmerizing as you just watched it cut and hearing the small popping noises like you are eating a bowl of rice krispies. 
Cut out your entire shape. I cut off large chucks at a time while I cut so I didn’t have extra foam hanging off the heart.
After my heart was cut out I placed it on top of the piece that I was going to use as my background and cut it a little larger than the heart. 
Now it is time to bust out your Smooth Finish plaster.
Spread it all over the foam to fill in the holes. Don’t worry if it has some bumps on it. You can just take some sand paper and smooth it out. 
For the background piece, I took a knife and carved in straight lines to make it look like I was using 3 pieces of wood.
Covered the piece with the Smooth Finish and let it dry.
Once it was dry, I sanded it slightly to remove any high spots and then took a sharp tool and carved lines throughout to give it more of a wood grain.
Then it was time to paint! 
 I used brown paint to cover the whole thing and then went back with some brown and white to add some dimension.
I used black where the lines were to make it darker in that area.
I then painted the heart pink. The arrow white with yellow accents. I also painted the you+me yellow.
After I painted the heart, I wasn’t super thrilled with the finish so I decided, let’s add glitter!! 
Pink glitter on the heart, white on the arrow, and yellow on the accents.
 I also glittered the you+me as well.
Once the glitter is dry, I just used some all purpose glue on the back to glue the heart and the you+me onto the faux wood background. 
And that’s it! 
I added some ribbon on the back in each corner and then used some really small Command hooks to hang it on the wall. 
I hung it next to my Valentine’s day mantle.
I love how it came out. The background is my favorite part. I think that foam looks pretty woodsy. lol
Be sure to check out makeitfuncrafts.com for many other great ideas you can create using Make It: Fun products.

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  • Sharon @ www.CraftsnCoffee.com
    February 3, 2015 at 8:39 pm

    So pretty, and you did a beautiful job! And you're right, it does sound like Rice Krispies! Thank you!

  • JBArts
    February 11, 2015 at 12:41 am

    OH MY GOODNESS! I cant even wrap my head around this right now! I didnt even know this tool existed and what you created is so beautiful and fun!! I would be honored if you came over to my blogging blog and linked up to share this with my readers!! PS. I love your blog right now. such pretty colors!! 🙂
    Happy Valentines day
    Jess http://www.liverandomlysimple.com