{Feature Friday} #59

Another January Friday is here and I am pretty happy about it since that means I only have one more week until Travis comes home. Thank goodness! This momma is getting a little stir crazy and can’t wait to be able to talk to an adult on a regular basis again! lol
Thankfully I have the good ole blog and all of you to “talk” to help keep me sane. 
Since it is Friday that means it is time to share some great ideas from The Handmade Hangout Party last week. This week I decided to forego any recipes and keep it straight crafts, decorating, and diy ideas. Hopefully you’ll see something that inspires you.

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Have a fantastic weekend!
Hope you do something fun or get something creative complete!

I am bound and determined to stain the last bit of hardwood downstairs that has been untouched because of the remodel. Luckily it is completely sanded and our temperatures are finally going to be at freezing so it IS going to be completed!! Wish me luck! 


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