Felt Halloween Advent Calendar

October is already a week away which mean Halloween is just over a month away. That seems so crazy to me! I’m ready for October because it is my birthday month but not sure I am ready for all the halloween chaos to start as well. 
As I’ve stated before, I am not much of a Halloween person but I still want to make it fun for the girls so I decided to make a Halloween advent calendar this year for a little fun and so the girls now just how much longer it is until they can get all dressed up for trick or treating. 
This is a fairly simple project but it does take time to create all the accessories to decorate the pumpkin. 
Here is how I made it.
-Large felt pieces in orange and color of your choosing for background. I used a dark gray for the background.
-Small Felt pieces
-Fabric Glue
-Fabric Markers
-Glitter glue/stickles (optional)
Trim the background felt to the size you would like. I bought a yard of felt and then just placed it on the wall to gauge out large I wanted it and trimmed it to size. 
 Cut a pumpkin out of the large piece of orange felt then glue to background felt. 
I decided to do a tall skinny pumpkin so I could add pockets for the days on both sides of the pumpkins but you could do a shorter, wide pumpkin as well. Do what you like.
I then added some grass with green felt and a brown stem. And I used fabric markers to add a little bit of detail to the pumpkin.
Using leftover background felt, cut out squares for the pockets. I then wrote numbers on the pockets with a fabric marker and then went over the numbers with gold glitter stickles.
Once the glitter was dry, I glued the pockets onto the background felt.
And that is it for the main body of the calendar. 
Time for all the fun things! 
I recruited Travis into helping me make different faces and accessories for the pumpkin. As you can see, he had a little fun with it. 
We made a few different sets of eyes, noses, mouths, hats, beards and mustaches, and other accessories.
Roll up the accessories and place them in each of the pockets so that each day they get to pull our a new item in which to decorate the pumpkin with. 
I started the calendar with a basic jack-o-lantern face and as the month goes on, the more fun stuff comes out. 
They can make some pretty crazy faces and I think they’ll love it! 
And since felt likes to stick to felt, they can play and change up the face all month long! 
I think they are going to love it! 
I will state I wish I made the pockets a little bigger or slightly different since the items we made were on the bigger side so I had to really fold and shove them into the pockets but they work and that’s all that matters. 
They can’t wait to start the countdown! 
I also have a Felt Turkey Advent Calendar to countdown until Thanksgiving! 

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