Felt Ruffle Valentine Wreath

Stop the presses! I am actually here today with a new project for you! YAY! 
AND I even finished something else over the weekend so perhaps my craft slump is fading.
Valentine’s Day isn’t that far away so I created a new wreath since the one I made a few years ago broke last year after a strong wind blew it off the door. 
This wreath is super easy, though it does take a little time for all the cutting. 
Here is how I made it.
– Outer Ring of an Embroidery Hoop, I used a 10 in. hoop
-Felt in your choice of colors
-Scissors or Rotary Cutter
-Straight Edge Ruler
-Self Healing Cutting Mat
-Hot Glue Gun
-Needle and thread (optional)

To begin, take the felt you plan on using as the main wreath color, and cut it into 4 in. long strips. 
I used my rotary cutter and straight edge ruler to do this quickly since there are so many pieces that needed to be cut. 
 Next, cut the 4 in stripes again at 4 inches to create 4×4 squares
Continue cutting until all of your squares are cut. I was able to get 6 squares per piece of felt.
I used 8 pieces of felt for 48 squares for my 10 in. hoop. If you use a larger hoop, you will need additional felt squares.
Now, take one square and fold it so two corners touch.
Then fold each of those corners down to where they are even with bottom.
Keeping the felt folded, cut a slit through ALL 4 layers of the felt. I used my rotary cutter to do this as well. I just pressed it down hard and slightly rocked it. I tried an exacto knife but it didn’t work that well but I think my blade was a little dull as well.
After you cut the slits, it is time to slip the felt onto the embroidery hoop passing the hoop through all 4 holes. 
You will want the points and center piece facing up but don’t worry if as you fill the hoop that some are the other way. You can just rotate them around when you are done. 
After your hoop is completely covered, rotate the felt pieces to they are flat on the small front face of the hoop. Spread the felt so the whole hoop is covered and make sure you can’t see any of the hoop between the felt.
Then, I cut out hearts out of three different colors of felt layering them.
I took a needle and thread and hand stitch the hearts together.
I did 3 large hearts and when they were complete, I hot glued them to the felt ruffles.
And it is complete!! 
I just tied a small ribbon onto the metal closure of the hoop to hang it. 
I love how it came out and that it is different than most wreaths I have made.
This wreaths would be so easy to change up as well! Place flowers on there instead of hearts. How about green with shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day? Red, white, and blue with stars for July 4th?! Possibilities are endless!! 🙂

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  • Nancy Sean
    January 17, 2019 at 11:57 am

    This embroidery hoop wreath project is what I am going to make this weekend for next month. Thanks for sharing such a neat idea.