Felt Turkey Advent Calendar

November is just around the corner which is the start of the holiday season.
People normally do fun advent calendars for Halloween and Christmas but what about Thanksgiving?
 Thanksgiving is a day to have fun with family and friends and give thanks for everything so why not have fun counting down until the day?! 
I made a super easy felt turkey advent calendar just for that! 
 It is nice and interactive for kids to get excited about Thanksgiving arriving.
Again, it is so easy, and a fast project too. Here is how to make one for yourself.
 -Felt, felt, and more felt.
-Fabric Tack Glue or Hot Glue Gun
-Fabric Marker

You will need to buy felt on a bolt in the fabric section as your background.
Cut to whatever size you want. I didn’t measure, just decided this was a good size and went for it.
Use the small sheets of felt for the feathers.
You will fold the felt, hamburger style, and cut the felt in the shape of a feather from one end of the felt to the other.
Since the felt is folded, you will get 2 feathers of each color you cut.
 I did numerous colors for the feathers because that is what I had on hand but you could only do a few if that is what you prefer. 
Once all your feathers are cut, number them all 1-27 or 28 using a fabric marker.
I chose to do 28, not sure if Thanksgiving is ever on the 28th but you will at least need 27 feathers because it does fluctuate between the 26th and 27th frequently.
 Now onto the turkey’s body.
I didn’t have a large piece of brown felt but you could easily buy some when you buy the background felt.
If you only have small brown pieces like me this is how I cut the felt- I placed two pieces on top of each other and cut a half circle. Then cut another half circle to finish the turkey’s body.
I then chose to glue his body down to the felt using Fabric Tack Glue.
Be sure not to glue right up the edge because you will slip the feathers behind the turkey’s body.
I then cut a belly out of a light brown color, and a head and neck out of beige felt.
Using my fabric marker, I drew on eyes and then used orange felt for the beak and red for it’s snood.
I glued both the beak and snood to the face.
Cut some feet out of orange felt and glued the feet, belly, and face onto the body.
Then it is ready to hang! 
At the beginning of the month, begin by placing a feather on to the turkey each day until his tail is full on Thanksgiving day.
Travis joked with me that you could also take off the feathers each day until Thanksgiving but that just seems a little crude. lol 
Start with the higher numbers in one row then add a second row of feathers behind the first row as you go.
Gotta love that felt sticks to felt!! 
Miss P loves playing with it, though half the time, our turkey has no feathers or they are out of order so I see our countdown until Thanksgiving getting a little wild! lol
 Hope you make one for yourself!!


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