Floral Cross Watercolor

watercolor wednesday

It’s Wednesday! Time for another Watercolor Wednesday tutorial!

Since Easter is right around the corner, literally, I thought creating this Floral Cross would make a great post for today.

It’s a pretty fast project to complete and you only need a few stamps and a few markers as well. Let’s get started shall we?!

This painting is created on a piece of 5×7 Canson Watercolor paper.

You only need THREE stamps for this painting! 🙂 Each stamp that I used is circled. I used the vine in the Bible Journaling set but feel free to use any fine you may have.

Then we only need FOUR markers for this as well. 🙂 Feel free to use any color combination.

I used: -No 17 Steel Blue; No 43 Brilliant Yellow; No 20 Magenta; No 15 Olive Green

Begin by using a ruler and a pencil to draw out your cross. Center the cross on your paper.

Next, use post-it tape, notes, painter’s tape, whatever you have on hand and tape around the outside of the cross.

Ink the small daisy bunch stamp with magenta. Stamp randomly on the inside of the cross wherever you’d like the flowers. Be overlap the tap with the stamp. Remember to stamp in a circle, multiple times, before applying more ink to the stamp. Do not add water yet.

Ink the vine with Olive green and stamp the rest of the inside of the cross around the flowers, also overlapping the tape. It is ok if you have a few gaps here and there as we will be adding one more small flower bloom. Do not add water yet.

Ink the last stamp with Brilliant yellow. I only chose to ink one of the tiny blooms on the stamp but feel free to ink more. Scatter the yellow blooms throughout the cross. I stamped twice before applying more ink because I wanted to make sure these flowers stayed vivid.

Do not remove tape yet! Now is the time to add water. Begin with the flowers, followed by the vines, then the yellow flowers, rinsing your brush off between each color. Overlap the tape with each color as you soften the stamps. Once try, remove the tape and if you still see any pencils lines, erase those at this time as well.

Add some Steel Blue to your pallet and paint in the sky around the cross.

And that’s it!! Sign and date it and turn it into a card or pop into a frame as a gift. 🙂

Stay tuned next week for a whole new Watercolor Wednesday post.

Watch the video below for step by step instructions that you can follow along with.

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