Floral Stenciled Pallet Art

This post is sponsored by Plaid Crafts via The Blueprint Social. I received materials for this project and compensation for my time, but as always: all opinions are most definitely my own! 

 I have a fun project for you today using the new Ed Roth’s Stencil1 line and FolkArt Multi-Surface Paint from Plaid Crafts. You will soon be able to find the stencils at JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores.
The Stencil1 stencils have large formats that are perfect for walls, floors and furniture. They are also very durable and made from reusable mylar which is very easy to clean with soap and water.  
Multi-Surface paints are great on any surface, including both indoor
and outdoor applications. They are even dishwasher safe! How great is that?!
 Our bedroom was the only room that didn’t have ANY sort of art on the walls. How sad is that?! 
So I asked Travis to built me a pallet from all the wood we had and I wanted it in an oval… well it turned out to be more like a football shape but that’s ok, and got to work with my new stencil. 
If you are someone that has never used a stencil before and is nervous to try it out… Don’t be!! It isn’t as scary as you think it may be! 
Here is how I created my stenciled art.
– Ed Roth Stencil1 stencil (I received this Cherry Blossom stencil)
-Wood Pallet
-FolkArt Multi-Surface Paint
-Stencil brushes
-Paper Plate

To begin, place your stencil where you would like it started or placed on your surface. 
I began at the edge of the bottom left side. 
You can use painters tape to hold the stencil in place, you could spray it with repositional spray adhesive, or you can just hold it down with your hands.
Dip your stencil brush into the paint and then dab it on a paper plate to remove the excess paint so it won’t bleed under your stencil. 
Then just apply your brush onto the stencil and pounce it along the stencil. 
Continue pouncing the brush along the whole stencil.
Continue pouncing until the full stencil is covered. Remember to remove the excess paint whenever you refill your brush.
Once complete, you can just remove the stencil to reveal what you just completed.
I relined my stencil and then grabbed a smaller stencil brush to do the flowers.
You could always continue with the same color but I decided to do yellow for my flowers. 
I chose to use blue for the center of the flowers.
To continue the stencil, decide where you want the placement to be and place it over the area.
I did give my first stencil a few minutes to dry but luckily, the paint dries quickly. Also, before placing the stencil down, I did wipe the back down so any paint that was wet on the back wouldn’t transfer onto the wood.
I continued around the pallet until I had a design that I was happy with. 
I used different parts of the stencil each time depending on the placement.
Before hanging it up, I decided to add some highlights to the branches and flowers. I just did this freehand so the image wouldn’t be so flat.
I then had Travis hang it above our bed and it looks great. 
I’m thrilled with how it came out and so happy that we now actually have some art up on our walls. 
You can find the whole line of Ed Roth’s Stencil1 at Plaid Crafts Online.
And for more inspiration from Plaid Crafts, connect with them via their social media channels:

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If you would like some other fun ideas on how to use the Stencil1 line, check out the links below.

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  • Anna [DirectionsNotIncluded]
    March 25, 2014 at 1:14 pm

    So cute! You got lucky with the stencil. It is such a cute one!