Flower Printable from Jen from 100 Directions

Jen from 100 Directions is here today with a super cute printable for you and a great way to color and embellish it! 

Grab a little glitter and your favorite coloring page and you can have fun turning usual coloring time into art time.

We love to try different coloring supplies with coloring pages. The kids have a lot of fun painting, adding glitter and stickers and all kinds of extras. So today I have a pretty little flower coloring page for you to use with your next summer fun coloring activity.

 Pretty Flower Coloring Page by Jen Goode


Make art with Coloring Pages

You can use markers or crayons, chalk or paint. Whatever your favorite supplies are, grab them and the kids and enjoy an afternoon of art activity together. For this project we used watercolor paints, Mod Podge and some glitter. If you don’t have watercolor paints, try using washable Crayola markers than when “painting” over the color with water. If you use a thick paper, the wet color will look even more like paint!

Paint a coloring page with watercolor paints

 First paint the page however you like. Make sure to not over paint, or the ink from your printer might smear on the paper.

Next paint on a little Mod Podge where ever you’d like to add glitter.

Sprinkle glitter over Mod Podge at add sparkle to your art
 Add glitter to the Mod Podge and allow the Mod Podge to dry. Once dry, shake off the excess glitter (into a trash can)… Voila! You have a pretty sparkly art piece!

Tip about glitter: If you aren’t a fan of look glitter like this kind we used, try glitter glue. You can squeeze a bit out onto a paper plate and then use a paint brush to “paint” on the glitter where you want. This is a great technique if you would like the glitter glue to dry quickly too. 

 Pretty painted art with glitter accents


This is a fun art project for the whole family! Everyone can grab their favorite coloring pages or all paint the same design. Add the colors you want, experiment with paints and then finish with a little glitter. Even your youngest family members can join in. Turn a regular activity into family fun time.


Download the free flower printable coloring page by Jen Goode 

Jen Goode is an Illustrator and owner of JGoode Designs, a Colorado based Design Studio. She is passionate about sharing DIY creative ideas to help inspire others to explore their own creativity. She shares tutorials, tips and free printable art on her blog, 100 Directions. Jen has also created projects in partnership with brands such as Cricut, HP, DecoArt and Tombow.

Thanks so much for sharing this adorable printable Jen!


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