Flower Truck Watercolor Painting

Hello everyone! Welcome to another Watercolor Wednesday post.

This week I will be teaching you how to create this Flower Truck Painting. This truck stamp can be a little intimidating but with some practice, you can create an awesome little painting with it.

Here’s how to create this sweet little painting.

We will be using three stamps for this painting. The truck from the Truck set, the small flower bunch from the mini flower set, and then from the original foliage set, the mini grasses. I forgot to pull that paper out for the photo.

I used these six Marvy Le Plume II Marker colors but feel free to change them up to whatever you’d like.

  • No 45 Sepia
  • No 86 African Violet
  • No 15 Olive Green
  • No 17 Steel Blue
  • No 105 Lt. Teal
  • No 43 Brilliant Yellow

This painting is created on a 4×4 square of watercolor paper.

Begin by inking the truck with African Violet followed immediately with Sepia then stamp the truck off on a spare piece of paper to remove excess ink.

Press the truck stamp into the center of your watercolor paper.

Dip your brush in water and pinch it off and now it is time to drag the color out of the lines. Think about where it will be dark on the truck or where there would be some shadows and focus the color drag in those areas.

Using Lt. Teal, paint in the body of the truck. Remember to start light and apply multiple layers of paint to make areas that are darker. Add African Violet under the wheel wells to make that area dark and use both African Violet and Sepia on the ties.

Once you have the truck painted, use the thin side of your African Violet and retrace any lines that may have gotten a little light while painting the body.

Ink the mini grass stamp with olive green and press the stamp under the tires and then away from the truck in a few spots to create the look of a grassy field.

Drag the color up and out from the blades of grass then using the same olive green, add some more grass under the truck and around the grass. Add some sepia or African Violet in the area under the truck to create a shadow.

Mask off the bed of the truck with some post-it tape or a post-it note.

Ink the flower stamp with brilliant yellow on the blooms then olive green on the stems and press the stamp multiple times in the bed of the truck. Soften the flowers with water.

Using Steel Blue, paint in the sky.

And there you have it! Sign and date it and you are done!!

This truck stamp is so versatile that you can create all sorts of awesome paintings with it.

Join me next week for a whole new Watercolor Wednesday post.

Be sure to check out the step by step video below to paint along with me.

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