Framed String Display

This was suppose to go up first thing this morning but well, with everything else going on in my life, things got crazy and that just didn’t happen. 
 I am in full blown packing mode right now. House is a total disaster! Stuff is everywhere, boxes and packing paper is every where, children and their toys are everywhere and my body is starting to rebel but I have to power through since time is ticking until our move! 
I did manage to take a few minutes out of a few days to finish this project though and that was super nice to do since all my craft supplies are about to be packed away and I have no idea how quickly they will get unpacked after we get to our new house. 
I LOVE Cut It Out and their frames are scattered all through our house.
I was super excited when I was able to pick something of theirs to do a project with and decided to go big with their 16×20 Balboa Double Layer Frame.
 Since we knew we wanted some sort of playroom in our new WI house, I wanted to make something fun for that room and here is what I created. 
This is super simple to make and you can make it with any sort of frame.
Here is how I made it. 
The frame came from Cut It Out unpainted and the two pieces are still separated for easy painting or decorating. 

I began by painting the bottom layer white.
 Then the top layer of the frame yellow. 
I wanted to add some sort of pattern to the frame so I pulled out some stencils and got to work. 
I used a lighter shade of yellow for the stencil but you could always do a completely different color depending on the colors in the room you will be placing your frame in. 
I scattered the stencils here and there and did some complete stencils then hung some off the edge of the frame as well. 
Once the stencil was dry, I used some gorilla glue to glue the two frame layers together. I put the glue on the back of the yellow layer then placed the white layer on top of it. 
I added some heavy items on top to press them together until the glued dried.
I took some twine and cut them to the length of the frame opening and just hot glued them to the back of the frame. When our little hand stapler isn’t in a box some where, I plan on adding a staple or two over the strings as well for a little extra hold.
I placed three stings on the back spaced evenly for a few rows to display things.
And that’s it!! 
Time to pick whatever you want to display and just use small clothes pins to pin them to the strings.
I placed a fun print that I got from Pen and Paint, some pictures and then a little drawing Miss P created on the strings.
You can display all pictures, put more of your kid’s artwork, put it in your kitchen and display old family recipes…. whatever tickles your fancy!! 
I can’t wait to get this up in our new house and see what fun things grace it’s strings!


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