Friday Favorite!

Since I started blogging, I have started to find some of my favorite blogs that I have to read every day now. I thought I would feature one of my new favorite blogs today.

All Things Thrifty is a fabulous blog! You won’t believe your eyes with some of these fabulous creations these ladies create!! Totally makes me want to go rummage through yard sales and thrift stores for the perfect piece to revamp. I have revamped a piece that Travis and I found at the local thrift store and I love it. It was an old hutch and we change it a bit and I painted it white then added some stain to give it a more antique look. Our dear dog, Oscar, decided he wanted to change it a bit so I now have to fix the finish a little but by looking at this blog it inspires me to think more outside of the box.

Let me share with you some the amazing works of art that these two ladies have created.

Check out these two night stands. A little old, outdated, and run down.


Now how about this after!! Totally fresh and brand new pieces! Love the color! I hope that I will be so bold one day to use a fun color on my furniture!


This is one of my FAVORITE pieces! Totally awesome find (well the piece itself) and you will be amazed and what it looks like after!


And can you say STINKING ADORABLE AND AWESOME?! I LOVE IT! Totally wish I knew how to reupholster furniture.


This is another great table redo. Not a bad piece but it could use some help.


Love the color! Looks great! Totally would love to have it in my house behind my sofa!


So I hope that these helped inspire you to go out there and look for new, old pieces just looking for a make over and to help you think more outside the box. I know I sure want to go out there and get to looking!

Also, check out the All Things Thrifty blog for more fabulous make overs, room redos and much,much more!

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  • Jemsmom
    March 21, 2010 at 1:50 am

    Wow! I wish I had that vision! I don't know that I would ever buy a couch or chair from a thrift store because I would worry about what was on it! I know it is recovered, but still….. I went to Charleston's Founders Day today. Very cool as we just pledged 141 girls in the colonization of College of Charleston! There are so many of them! It was fun and I am very old! Have a great Sunday!

  • AllMich
    March 21, 2010 at 2:02 am

    I actually think the chair/couch was from a yard sale. But I get what you are saying either way.

    And that is awesome! I didn't realize that it a colony! Very fun to be involved in the beginning! Hope you have a great Sunday as well!