Giant Lantern Ice Cream Cone Decorations

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While searching for party decoration ideas for Miss P’s party I ran across these on Pinterest and had to hunt down the full idea. Finally found them on Pottery Barn Kids and kept the idea in my head but wasn’t sure if I would use it.

Once I fully had the theme pinned down, I decided these would be super cute to create and rather fast to make as well. 
I love how they turned out and they were so fun for the party!
Here is how you can make some for yourself.

Scrapbook paper– I bought Wood grain paper from Michaels
Paper Lanterns– Bought a pack of Martha Stewart ones at Michaels as well
-Dried Beans
-Shredded paper strips
-Small vases or glasses
-Hot glue gun
To start, preroll your paper into a cone shape.
Don’t roll it too tight because you will need it wider at the top to support the lantern, especially if you use the large lanterns.
Unroll the paper and then place double sided tape along one edge.
 Then reroll your paper into the cone and press the tape down. 
You will have to close off the bottom of the cone because a small hole will be left so just be sure there is tape there and squeeze closed.
Cut off the top of the cone so it is even along the top.
Next, take some of the shredded paper and place it into the bottom of the glass or vase. 
I bought this vase at The Dollar Tree and then used a few vases and glasses I had already.
Place the paper cone inside the vase and fill with dried beans. 
You don’t need TOO many just enough to make the cone heavy so it won’t tip over.
Now you will want to glue the shredded paper along the top of the cone to make it look like the ice cream smashed on the cone.
Add a little and then you can go back and add more if you want it fuller. 
Place glue along the inside rim of the cone and place the lantern on top.
Shot of the full cone. 
Lastly, glue a cherry on top! 
The cherry is a wooden bead painted red with green floral wire glued on it for the stem.
And that’s it!! 
I scattered them around the party
Placed a few on the mantle, one of the beverage station, and then more on the food table. 
I LOVE them!! 
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  • Leslie Germain
    June 18, 2014 at 8:33 pm

    LOVE these!!!!