Girl in Window Watercolor

watercolor wednesday

Hello everyone and welcome to another Watercolor Wednesday!

I have this little mini painting of a Girl in a Window as a slight nod to what is going on in the world with the Covid-19 Pandemic.

This painting does take a little bit more time than most that we create but it still isn’t too bad.

Here’s how to create it yourself.

This painting is created on a small 4×4 square.

I used stamps from Art Impressions: Mini flower set, foliage set 4, little girls set, and an old Tuscan villa set that has since been retired but you can use any window you might have.

As far as colors, this is what I used but feel free to use any color that you’d like.

  • No 18 Dark Brown
  • No 86 African Violet
  • No 45 Sepia
  • No 28 Prussian Blue
  • No 46 Crimson Lake
  • No 16 Pale Orange
  • No 15 Olive Green
  • No 43 Brilliant Yellow

Begin by inking the window stamp with African Violet followed by Sepia.

Press the stamp onto your paper in the center.

Using a piece of post-it tape or a post-it note, cover up the rock ledge at the bottom of the window.

Ink up the little girl stamp with Sepia.

Press the little girl stamp into the window towards the right side.

Dip your brush in water and pinch it off then drag the colors out of the lines. Stick to areas that would have shadows and give the rocks a little bit of color.

Repeat by slightly dragging the color out of the little girl as well.

Paint the shutters with sepia remembering to layer the color to get areas darker. Then paint the little girls clothes as well.

Use the pale orange to paint her skin. Layer the paint to make the skin darker.

Between layers for the skin and clothing, paint the background around the little girl with African Violet. Paint the area right above the window sill darker than the rest of the window.

I painted the hair of my little girl with dark brown, again adding layers to make it the shade that I wanted.

Use the thin side of Sepia and go over any lines that may have lightened or in areas to add more shadow and depth. Repeat with the thin side of the African Violet marker.

Ink up half of the vine stamp and press it around the window. Stamp with one vine stamp then switch to the other vine. Dip your brush in water and soften the vines.

Ink the flowers with the brilliant yellow and add some flowers around the vines. Dip your brush in water and soften.

And that’s it! Sign and date it and your are good to give it away or pop it into a frame.

Stay tuned next week for a whole new watercolor tutorial.

Be sure to check out the step by step video below where you can paint along with me at your own pace. 🙂

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