Girl’s Bathroom Makeover

I am pretty excited to finally show you the makeover we gave the girl’s bathroom!
We started this a few months ago, and was pretty much done, but there were a few small things that we just kept putting off finishing and I’m thrilled that we finally got them done.
I’ll start with a before picture of this, uh, lovely space.
 To say this space was beige is an understatement.
It was horrible! 
Beige tub/shower, beige walls, beige and mauve floors, horrible old vanity, dry woodwork…. oh this poor room needed so much help! 
Let’s take a closer look at the horribleness shall we?
The previous owners installed these horrible tile floors when they bought the house in the early 90s. The grout was disgustingly dirty and it just grossed me out!! 
They also took off the original wall sink and put this beat up vanity in the room. It may have been in much better shape when they first installed it but it is definitely showing it’s age with the chipped sink top, worn out door, and much more. 
The only thing going for this sink was that it did match the originally wood trim in the room.
I do love that original wall vanity mirror though! Best thing about the place but the poor wood was so dry and thirsty! 
There is also an awesome linen closet in the corner which provides a ton of storage! Another good thing! 
And then this super heavy curtain was left behind by the previous owner. It was so covered in dust and just bad for this little space! 
The room was so dark and again, beige, it so needed to a makeover! 
So let the makeover begin!! 
I began by painting a quick coat on the walls of a bright blue. It is pretty much the same color I painted in the girl’s bathroom in CO and I knew it would be perfect in here too. 
Then Travis began by removing the vanity and toilet so we could rip out those floors. 
This was when we discovered that there was an original wall sink.
 Thankfully, the tile wasn’t put down that well or was so old, it just popped right out which revealed the lovely original teal linoleum.
 After doing some research to see if this flooring would have asbestos in it, we figured out it didn’t and that it was just backed by burlap and we could remove it.
Then we threw down some concrete board on the floor for a good new surface for the new tile.
And after Travis completed the tile floor and put the new vanity in, I got to do the painstaking job of painting all that trim white and finish the walls.
This definitely help to fully brighten up the room.
Ready to see the room now?
Here ya go! 
Isn’t it so much brighter?! 
I seriously love how the room turned out! 
 We put down new cream and white long tile floors. They look like marble but are porcelain.
Since we were keeping the cream tub/shower and toilet, we had to find something that had white and cream in it to tie the whole room together. They turned out perfectly! 
I found some fun fabric that I liked and just whipped up a new, much lighter curtain for the window.
The new vanity is actually a cabinet we found at an antique store. It wasn’t in the best of shape and was actually not the proper depth so we had to add a little but of wood to the back to make it work for us.
I gave it a coat of paint with some chalk paint in cream and it works great in the space.
Bought a bigger sink top from Home Depot to fit the new bigger vanity and it was a match made in heaven! 
We just reused the old faucet because that was in great shape and I loved the look of it.
The vanity mirror looks great in white and we kept the old lights that were in the room but gave them a facelift with some metallic spray paint since they were previously painted and not looking so hot anymore.
The vanity definitely works great with the medicine cabinet.
The newly painted linen closet sure brightened up this corner as well. 
And that’s it!
Definitely a MAJOR improvement and I love the finish results!

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  • Penny Lane
    July 5, 2016 at 6:44 pm

    Looks really nice 🙂 Good job!

  • K Hoffman
    July 6, 2016 at 11:13 pm

    You left the door old looking?

    • AllMich
      July 7, 2016 at 3:32 am

      Yes. We did the same thing in our master bedroom. I didn't want to just paint the back of the door since all the woodwork in the rest of the upstairs in the original woodwork and won't be getting painted. The door is still in good shape compared to what the rest of the woodwork looked like.