Girl’s Best Friend Watercolor

Hello everyone! Time for another Watercolor Wednesday!

Today I am showing you how to create this adorable “Girl’s Best Friend” watercolor painting. This can easily be customized to whatever hair color you want, the look of the dog, turn the girl into a boy, whatever so it is special for you.

Let’s get started shall we?!

I used five stamp sets from Art Impressions- Mini Flower Set, Foliage Set 1, Little Girls Set, Dog Set, and the Sitting Places Set. Each stamp that I used is circled.

Here are the colors that I used but feel free to change these up to fit your painting.

  • No 18 Dark Brown
  • No 29 Prussian Blue
  • No 20 Magenta
  • No 16 Pale Orange
  • No 45 Sepia
  • No 42 Cream Yellow
  • Mo 86 African Violet
  • No 15 Olive Green
  • No 30 Rosewood
  • No 17 Steel Blue
  • No 22 Lemon Yellow

This paper is an odd size, 4×5, but I had it just sitting around so I used it. You could do this on a 4×6 piece of paper to make it easier to frame.

Begin by inking the little girl stamp with Sepia. Press the stamp onto the paper center left.

On a piece of post it tape or a post it note, stamp the bottom half of the girl then cut it out. Place the mask directly over the bottom half of her to protect her from placing the rock under her. It’s hard to tell but the mask is sitting on her in this photo.

Ink the rock with African Violet and stamp it on the positioner. Place the positioner where you want it then reink the stamp with African Violet followed by Sepia. You can do this without a positioner but you’ll have to eye ball where you place the rocks.

After reinking the stamp, use the outer positioner to press the stamp into place. As you can see, the rock overlays the little girl but since we masked her off, everything is fine!

Remove the mask and check her out sitting on that little rock. 🙂

Ink the little dog with sepia and place it to the right of the little girl.

Now it is time to drag the color out of the lines. Drag the color out any where there would be a shadow on the dog, little girl, and rock.

Time to paint it in.

Paint the rock with a mix of African Violet and Sepia. Remember to leave highlights on the top side of the rocks.

Paint in the little girl’s overalls with Prussian Blue, her shirt and headband Magenta, her skin is Pale Orange, and her hair is a mixture of rosewood, cream yellow, and lemon yellow.

Paint the dog in with dark brown followed by sepia.

You can change up and customize any of these items to personalize the painting to yourself or whoever you are painting for.

Ink the grass stamp with Olive Green and stamp it around the rock and dog. Press the stamp three or four times for applying more ink. Dip your brush in water and pinch it off and brush the grass up and out.

Ink the flower with olive green on the stem and then the petals with African Violet. Add as many flowers as you’d like. Only add water to the petals.

Paint in the sky with Steel Blue.

The last step is to take the thin end of the Sepia marker and draw in any lines that may have washed away and then darken any lines near shadows. You can also take the thin end of the African Violet and add some tiny dots to the inside of the flowers for a small additional detail.

And that’s it!!

Sign and date it and decide what you’d like to do with it. Pop into a frame or turn into a card to give to a friend.

Join me next week for a whole new Watercolor Wednesday tutorial. 🙂

Check out my step by step tutorial video to paint along with me to create your own.

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