Girly Felt Tooth Fairy Pillow

You guys, Miss P has her first loose tooth! 
Say WHAT?! 
 I mean how is that possible? I remember her growing that little tooth and now it is time for it to go and her adult teeth to enter. 🙁
She is so darn excited and has been playing with it since the day we discovered it was loose so I thought I better get myself in gear and make a tooth fairy pillow the girls can use when they lose their teeth. 
I came up with a little plan and just so happened to have everything I needed on hand, (love when that happens) so I got to work before that tooth fell out! 
 Isn’t it just so cute?! I am very proud of it. lol
Here is how you can make a version for your family.
-White Felt (I had a ton of glittery felt left over from years ago so I used that)
-Felt in your choice of colors for flowers
-Embroidery Floss
-Patterned Fabric (optional)
-Threading Needles
-Disappearing Fabric Marker
 Begin by sketching on your piece of paper a shape of a tooth. 
If you can find a file, you can also cut out a tooth using a cutting machine by I just chose to free hand it myself.
Then cut out your tooth template.
On the negative side of the fabric, trace the tooth template twice using a disappearing fabric marker. 
Be sure to FLIP your template so you trace it on each side so your fabric sides match perfectly otherwise you will have two sides that face the same way and won’t line up.
Cut out the teeth halves.
On one side, I used my fabric marker and drew a smiling face onto the tooth.
Then, I hand embroidered the face using black and pink for a little added detail.
I cut out a small square of my patterned fabric and sewed that onto the front of the tooth using a blanket stitch. You don’t have to do this but I just wanted to add a little more detail with it. 
On the other side of the tooth, sew on a pocket for the lost tooth to be placed in and then the money to tooth fairy leaves behind.
I, again, used a blanket stitch to sew this on. And yes I know it is a little crooked. 😛
The felt started shifting as I went down the first side and I couldn’t adjust it and didn’t want to rip out my stitched. 
It was my first attempt at doing a blanket stitch so I am still proud of myself! lol Plus, it adds a little personality. haha
Before sewing the sides together, hot glue some ribbon to the top of the tooth on the INSIDE of the back felt. This will allow you to hang it from a door knob.
To stitch to the two sides together, I again used a blanket stitch this time in a light aqua blue color thread. 
Start on one side of the top and work your way around the whole tooth but don’t sew it completely closed just yet! We still have to stuff it! 
Use the batting to stuff the tooth making sure to push it completely into the roots of the tooth and making sure it is smooth. 
Once you have it stuffed to your liking, finish off your stitches to close it. 
You can stop here if you’d like but I wasn’t done just yet! 
I took some other colors in felt and created some tiny felt flowers and leaves.
I then glued them to the top corner of the tooth. 
And that’s it!! 
 You can hang it or just place it on the bed, either way works! 
And if you have a boy, just leave off the flowers and change up the patch and thread colors and you are good to go!
It is all ready for that tooth to finally fall out so we can really test it out.
I seriously love it! 
Don’t look too hard, especially if you sew a lot, because it is far from perfect but I think it turned out great! 
Miss P and Miss S love it so that is all that matters!

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