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Welcome Meredith from Wait Til Your Father Gets Home.
Hi A Glimpse Inside readers! 
Before I introduce myself, can I just say, how stinkin’ cute is the newest addition to Allison’s sweet family?! Seriously. Those two girls are real life baby dolls! I know Allison is busy enjoying life with two littles, so I was eager to help her out while she takes some quality mommy time these next couple of weeks.
I’m Meredith.
I’m a wife, a mama, a milk pourer, diaper changer, and hot dog cutter. This is my family…
I’m also a blogger. My neck of the woods is Wait Til Your Father Gets Home. When I chose that name for my blog, my hubs was a member of the normal 9-5 crowd. Now we are fortunate enough to have him working from home, ironic, huh?!
Okay, enough about me. Let’s talk ThanksGIVING.
 I’m here today to share a super cute {and ridiculously easy craft with all of you today}. 
I call it…
The Giving Jar might be the easiest {and cutest} way to pay it forward. 

To make your own you’ll need the following:
large mason jar
cute scrapbook paper
bakers twine
cute embellishments {found all of mine on sale at Michael’s}
alphabet stickers
3″ circle punch
There isn’t a rhyme or reason as to how to put your Giving Jar together, the only rule I followed was to make it cute.
I used the circle punch to cut a perfect circle for the the lid of the mason jar then used the rest of my embellishments to fancy it up.
Now, what exactly is a Giving Jar?!
It’s the place you put all your leftover change and single dollar bills and at the end of the year {or maybe even Thanksgiving}, you GIVE it away. 
Maybe you take it to Starbucks and buy drinks for as many people as possible, maybe you head to the grocery store and give it to a mom with three little kids riding in her cart and clinging to her pants, maybe you simply take it to your church and put it in the offering basket. 
Whatever you choose to do with it, it’s your choice and your gift of giving; that’s the beauty of it!
You could even make individual giving jars for your kids to contribute their own money to each week.
Where would you take your Giving Jar?
If you enjoyed this project, I’d love for you to stop by and say HI sometime soon! You can find me in the usual spots, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest {LOVE me some Pinterest}, and Instagram.
Happy ThanksGIVING everyone!
Thanks so much for sharing this cute idea Meredith!! Love it! 


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