Glammed-Up Treat Bucket 2.0

Two years ago I bought one of those $1 plastic orange pumpkin treat buckets for Miss P and gave it a little makeover to make it more fun and unique.
I glammed it up a bit and it makes for the perfect candy bucket.
You can see the full tutorial for this Glammed Up Treat Bucket here.  
I bought another pumpkin for Miss S but with planning for her first birthday last year and preparing to travel to TN, I never gave her pumpkin its makeover.
I finally got to it this week and here is what I did for Miss S’s treat bucket.

I wanted her bucket to be similar to Miss P’s but I didn’t want it exactly the same. I like how it turned out and is still very similar to Miss P’s.

All the beginning steps are the same as Miss P’s pumpkin but I will recap all the steps in this post as well. 
-Plastic treat bucket
-Orange Burlap
-Fabric of your choosing
-Acrylic Paint
-Glue Gun
I began by painting the face of the pumpkin with orange face so you can’t see it through the orange burlap.
Once the paint is dry, I also cut and glued down a square of burlap over the face to hide it a little more. 
Next, cut the burlap so it is long enough to wrap around the entire pumpkin plus an inch or two wider than the pumpkin so you can fold it over the top and under the bottom.
I glued over the end of the burlap to prevent it from fraying once on the pumpkin.
Glue the burlap around your pumpkin. I began where the face was so this was the back of the pumpkin.
Glue down the other end and now you’ll have a cylinder of burlap around your pumpkin.
If you have too much fabric on top, trim off the excess and then cut slips down to the top of the pumpkin in the burlap.
Glue the burlap down into the opening of the pumpkin creating pleats as you glue down.
Then glue down the extra fabric on the bottom of the pumpkin again creating pleats as you glue.
Take a piece of orange felt and cut a circle big enough to cover the bottom of your pumpkin and glue it down covering up all the ends of the burlap to clean it up.
I decided to reuse the small handle that came with the pumpkin but you could also use ribbon but at this stage you need to find the original holes in the side of the pumpkin. Take a small pair of scissors or something sharp and insert it through the holes and through the burlap so you know where to replace the handle.
And now here is where things change from Miss P’s bucket.
Cut small strips out of your fabric, mine are about 2 inches wide and you want it overlapping a few inches on itself since we will be creating a ruffle.
Also cut some tulle to go around your pumpkin.
Begin with the tulle and fold it over on itself so that the folded piece is about at the half way point of the width of the tulle or a little more if you’d like.
Hot glue the tulle around the pumpkin creating pleats for ruffles as you glue.
I went around my pumpkin twice with 2 layers of tulle but you can go more if you’d prefer.
Time to pull out your sewing machine.
Set you machine settings on a very long stitch length and width along with little tension.
Run your fabric strip through your machine and DO NOT reverse.
Once complete, find the bottom thread from your sewing machine and carefully begin to pull it.
As you pull the thread, push down the fabric to create ruffles.
Once you have the whole piece pulled and ruffled, you can go back and make the ruffles as far apart or as close together as you’d like. Just slide the fabric back to the side of the thread that you pulled until you have the look you want. 
Now just glue the ruffle around the pumpkin covering up where the tulle was glued down.
I wanted some black flowers like Miss P’s so I just used some black glittery ribbon I had on hand to create some rosettes and then just glued them onto the pumpkin.
And that’s it! 
I like how it all came together and is a little whimsical! 
And Miss S, and her crazy after nap bed head, sure likes it too! 
Can’t wait to see both girls carrying their special treat bucket this year for Halloween!


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