Glamor Witch Hat

I have a question for you… are you a fall decorator that just throws in a few Halloween touches or are you a full blown, crazy, over the top, Halloween decorator?!
I would be the first. I have never been a huge fan of Halloween, even stopped trick or treating when I was pretty young, so I definitely am a fall decorator that just throws in a few Halloween decorations and even then, I make them pretty Halloween and not scary Halloween. 
Today, I have a fun Halloween item you can create for a little touch of glamor instead of the scary stuff.
It is so easy to create! 
Here is the how-to:
-Paper Mache witch hat (bought at Michaels)
-Black Acrylic Paint
-Black Glitter Paint (optional)
-Black Flowers or other Halloweenish flowers (bought at Michaels)
-Other Embellishments
-Hot Glue Gun
-Pumpkin (optional)

Start by giving the hat a couple coats of black paint. Let dry.
I wanted to make it shinier, so once the black paint is dry, I coated the entire hat with black glitter paint.
Time to embellish!
I took some black and orange ribbon and wrapped the base of the point to give it a band.
I then hot glued a large black rose with silver glitter on the hat along with some orange glittery branches and some black leaves.
I also placed another rose with orange glitter next to the larger one.
 I had bought some fun Halloween stickers for another project so I pulled one out and placed on top of the cone for a little something more. Love the little gems for that extra glamor touch.
And it’s done! 
I hot glued it on top of a white plastic pumpkin. I left the pumpkin plain but you could always add a witchy face to it if you want.
Play with your embellishments.
Add more, add less. Possibilities are endless!
I love how it came out and it definitely fits with my not so scary Halloween decor!


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  • Michelle Katseanes
    October 19, 2014 at 1:26 pm

    So, so cute! I love this fun and festive hat! PINNED!

  • Pili Gomez
    October 9, 2015 at 3:59 am

    Pinned it! I must try this!