Glitter Ball Cone Tree Topper

I know Christmas is only a few days away but I still have a Christmas project to share with you today. 
 I created this tree topper when I was in TN in November and totally forgot to take pictures of it once we put our large tree up. OOPS! 
I could have saved this tutorial until next year but thought I would go ahead and share it anyways. 
 I decided to create this topper the same way I created my new Glitter Ball Wreath and used the same balls as well to tie them together.
 Here is how I created it. 
-Styrofoam cone
-Low temp glue gun (high temp will melt your Styrofoam)
-Glitter ball vase filler- got it at Hobby Lobby
-Scissors or something sharp
-Glitter and glue- optional
Ignore the ribbon… no idea why it is in this picture! lol

 To begin, take a sharp pair of scissors or knife and shove it into the center of the bottom of the cone. 
Work it around making it wide to create a hole.
Make the hole large enough to slip onto the top of your tree.
Then, start gluing the large size ball onto the cone beginning on the bottom of the cone. 
Work your way around and up the cone until it is completely covered.
Next, glue the small balls in the gaps of the larger balls.
And that’s it! 
If you want, you could always glitter the entire cone with a coordinating glitter so the white of the cone doesn’t shine through any gaps.
Then pop it on top of your tree and that’s it! 
You can also glitter the bottom of the cone. I didn’t do it because I thought the branches of the tree would cover it more but you can see it a little bit.
Adds a nice little pop of color to the top of the tree and ties in the other bright colors I brought into the decor this year. 


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  • Janelle Vannice
    December 23, 2014 at 1:49 pm

    I love bright colors and glitter – this looks super fun! 🙂