Guest Post: Allie from Miss Lovie

Allie is here today with a super cute sewing tutorial!


I will let Allie take it from here.

Hello, A Glimpse Inside Readers!

I’m Allie from Miss Lovie! I’m so excited to be posting today.

Thanks Allison for having me!

A little background on me: I am a full time kindergarten teacher who loves her job. I am also obsessed with creating fun beautiful things. I live with a law student who I love to pieces. Since he is so busy studying, I keep myself busy with sewing, making jewelry, and other fun projects. And, of course, lesson plans. 🙂 Sleep is overrated.

Here are some of my latest/most popular projects you should check out!

Spring Moss and Rosette Wreath

When I first got into creating a lot, it started with jewelry. I love making jewelry, especially for others. Usually I start making something for me and end up giving it to a friend, or to my readers!

The Annie Necklace


more earrings

Yes, an Etsy shop is hopefully coming this year.

And of course since fabric flowers are everyone’s new obsession, I am not excluded from that!

LOVE them.

Scrappy No-Sew Flower

Spring Pin (with a link to my tutorial)

Today I have a fun sewing project to show you! Enjoy 🙂

Snap-On Flower Onesie Dress

My friend asked me to make a onesie dress for her and she wanted me to make another one like the one I made at Easter:

Easter Flower Onesie Dress

The problem was the dress had to be for a newborn so I didn’t have as much fabric to work with. I decided that one big flower would work best.

I am in love with this fabric!

For those of you who missed my Easter Flower Onesie Dress Tutorial, you should go check it out! I used a Summer Onesie Dress Tutorial from Running With Scissors to make the dress.

Since the flower was rather large, and ruffles tend to get a little crazy in the wash, I simply sewed on some snaps to the flower and onesie dress so when she’s ready to wash it, the flower just snaps right off!

I originally saw this idea here awhile ago and have been dying to try it! Since my flower was larger than her’s, I added a few snaps just in case. You could (like she did) make several flowers to switch out!


Thanks for reading and stop by and see me sometime!

That is super cute Allie!
Thanks so much for guest posting for me!

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  • Tanya
    May 27, 2011 at 7:33 pm

    Love that wreath…poppin' over to your blog right now!

  • Allie
    May 30, 2011 at 2:43 am

    Thanks for having me Allison!!