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 Hi everyone. I am excited to be here while Allison is on maternity leave. I have a HUGE respect for the men and women that protect our freedoms. Especially for their families that stay at home and have babies while their soldiers are deployed. So Allison if there is ever anything I can do for you, don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you to your family for sacrificing for all of us!!
Let me take a brief moment and introduce myself.
My name is Connie and I blog at Measured by the Heart. My blog is a DIY blog and I have a bit of everything. Hair tutorials, home improvements/decor, sewing, crochet, printables, blog design, book club etc. I love meeting new people and hope you’ll stop by and say hi.
Today I am going to share you with you some design tips for the new facebook timeline. If you remember, Facebook made everyone switch over to the new timeline. So now we have to design our pages all over again. But don’t worry it’s pretty easy. This post is going to be mostly instruction and short on pics. It’s great information though. 
Here is what my facebook fan page looks like.

I’ve labeled a few important things for you.

Cover Photo
This is the big one that stretches wide across your page.
The dimensions are 851 x 315 px. Choose a pleasing image that represents you but don’t be afraid to play with it. 
There are a few things facebook doesn’t allow.
You cover photo cannot include:
Price/Purchase information
Contact Information
References to Facebook features/Actions
Calls to Action
Your cover photo cannot be false deceptive or misleading and must not infringe on third parties intellectual property.
Profile Picture
Your profile picture is the small box on the left. It is also the pic that will show up by all your status updates and in people’s news feeds.
Choose an image that is 180 x 180 px. 
 It will also show up in any Facebook ads you run so a logo is a good idea.
Tabs show up below your cover pic. You can change these except for photos. Photos will stay in the first spot no matter what. I used Short Stack to design my tabs. If you click on contact me it will take you to a contact form. My pinterest pins shows you the pins from some of my favorite boards on Pinterest. Recent blog posts uses my rss feed to pull and display my blog posts. You can see them in action on my Facebook page.
Short stack can be a little intimidating. Just take it slow and read the instructions. You should be fine. If not, let me know and I will help you. Facebook will automatically name your tabs with a generic name. Custom tab 1, Custom tab 2 etc. It will also display a generic image. You can change this. In your admin panel just go to edit page and then apps.
You can also change the order of your tabs. All but the photos. Just hover over your tab and a pencil will appear. Click on it and it will say swap places with: It will list your other tabs and you can swap them.
So there you have it. How to make your new timeline pretty. Thanks to Allison for having me. Here are a few of my most popular posts. I’d love to have you stop by and check them out.
yummy banana split crepes
spring mantle
Thanks for reading,
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Thanks for the great post Connie!


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