Guest Post: The Diary of Dave’s Wife


Hello Everyone!

I am {REALLY} excited to be Guest Posting here today!

My name is Kristy from

If you are Curious How I became DavesWife

You can read my Story Here

{it’s NOT what you think!}

I don’t know about you, but I have been spending most of my week
getting ready for Halloween!

Buying Candy, Sewing a Costume, & Making Treats!

And since there are only a few days until it’s actually here,

Have you remembered to get your kiddos something to carry their treats in?

Instead of buying them a cheap plastic pumpkin or pulling out an old pillowcase why not make them
an adorable bag that they can use every year!
Because if you kiddo is anything like mine, I will be the one carrying it around for him!

And If I am going to be carrying it, it better be CUTE!

So Today I am going to show you a quick Tutorial on My

Last Minute {Trick or Treat} Bag

For this little project you will need to purchase a cheap canvas bag


Some Iron Transfer Paper from your local craft store

Here is the bag I started with.

Next, I created the lettering in Photoshop and printed it out on Iron Transfer Paper in Mirror Image.
it looked a little something like this:

If you would like to use this same lettering simply click on the above image to download!

Once your image is printed, You will want to cut out around all of your letters

to eliminate any excess white areas.

This would be an excellent time to get caught up on any shows hanging out in your DVR

Currently I am loving all the re-runs of the old school 90210.

But whatever you do, {DO NOT} skip this step.
If you try to Iron the whole page onto your bag

You will have excess clear transfer all over the front of you bag and it won’t look very pretty
{trust Me}!
Once your letters are cut out. {they don’t have to be perfect}
Get out your trusty Iron and get it nice and Hot


Iron out any wrinkles or fold lines out of your bag!

Next turn off the steam on your iron and place your letters face down on your bag like this:

Next, Iron down your letters per the instructions on your Iron Transfer Paper .
{Not ALL Iron Transfer Paper is created equal}
Once it has cooled off you should be able to peel off the backing really EASY!

Doesn’t it look Sharp?

Once it is all peeled, Embellish with some Cute ribbon or Pom-Pom Fringe

Or a Plastic Skeleton from the Dollar Store.

And your kid will have the CA-UTEST
Trick or Treat Bag in the Neighborhood!

That is a super cute bag Kristy!!
Thanks so much for sharing!

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