Guest Post: Erin from DIY on the Cheap

Hello A Glimpse Inside readers! I am Erin from DIY On the Cheap, and I am honored to be guest posting for Allison today. I’d like to share a fun lamp makeover project with you! 

I love transforming old things and making them new again, and one of the easiest things to transform is a lamp. You would be amazed at what a simple coat of spray paint can do for a piece. You instantly have a new custom light for your home at a fraction of what a brand new one would cost. A great way to find a lamp to makeover is to search thrift stores and garage sales for them, paying attention only to the shape and size. Look past the “ugly” factor and see it for what it could be.

Here’s one that I picked up for $8.00 at a thrift store:



All it needed was a coat of chrome spray paint and a new shade (from Target!). Painting an old lamp is very easy. You just tape off the parts that you don’t want painted (socket, cord, etc.). I usually stuff the cord in a plastic grocery bag and then seal it with tape. Make sure you give the lamp a good cleaning with a wet rag and get all of the dust and grime off of it. Then, spray it with some primer. When your primer is dry, spray it with the color of your choice. I used Krylon chrome finish.


And here it is now:


For more tutorials, transformations and frugal decorating ideas, visit me at!

That looks great Erin! Thanks for sharing!  


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  • Our Pinteresting Family
    June 14, 2012 at 12:02 pm

    Beautiful job!! Megan