Guest Post: A Girl and a Glue Gun


hi! i’m kim. I blog over at a girl and a glue
and i’m super excited to be here today! I’m letting the
glue gun cool and making these paper lanterns…

all you need is a sheet of black posterboard and some tissue paper.
and some tape…

and a pair of scissors..

and your time.

and effort.

oh. and a ruler.
and pencil.

but the only thing you need to buy is the posterboard and tissue paper.
I actually bought the posterboard to make a witch silhouette for my
window…but decided to make these instead….

i took the length of the posterboard and divided it by 4….(squint
and you can see the lines?)

and then i added a frame around each one….

then i doodled and came up with some halloweeny things and cut them out.
(you want to make sure that parts of it attaches to the border and
don’t accidentally cut it or you are going to be doing a lot of tape

these are the pumpkin ones…

i took the ruler and a pen and scored down the middle to make the fold
nice and crisp

then i got this 30..oh wait..BONUS 40 sheet gift tissue
assortment from the dollar store.

i just cut a piece to size and taped it to the back…(or inside)

then i folded them and taped them into a box…

and put one over my scentsy…..

and one over some orange lights…

if you are feeling the need to tell me that the candy corn is in the

wrong color


i’m aware.

did it on purpose matteroffact.

they make a perfect party centerpiece…

you could add an additional black posterboard to the top and
hang them….

and the best part..
they store flat!

thanks for having me….
if you want to come by and see what other crap i’m up to

feel free!

Those are adorable Kim!
Thanks for sharing!

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