Guest Post: Ladies of Craftbaby are back!

The Craftbaby girls are back! A huge thank you to Allison for having us not only one time when we got all patriotic on ya– but a second time around. We cannot believe that blogging maternity has come and gone and all thats left to say is….BRING ON THE BABY M POSTS! NURSERY REVEAL! We want to see it all!


We’re Candie & Liz from Craftbaby and we are all about embracing the active crafting community, so every month we host four craft challenges with great prizes and giveaways. Each of our challenges is a designed with the busy mom/working gal in mind – so you have a full month to get your projects completed and submit them. It’s like Craft Wars without the stress! We also offer sponsorship for every challenge – all you have to do is provide the prize (worth $25+) and we do all the rest! If you’re interested in sponsoring your very own challenge – it’s FREE, email us at Check out some of the great projects Craftbaby members have entered, and visit our blog too! Looking forward to seeing all of your awesome projects over at Craftbaby!

This time around, we’re goin’ all decór on ya!


Liz stumbled across House of Hepworth’s DIY Curtain Rod tutorial a few months ago and immediately pinned it. She’s the kind of gal who finds a great tutorial and thinks “wow, that’s awesome, I have to remember that,” then hits the close button on her browser and promptly forgets every detail of where she found it. Luckily, she’s a crazy good Googler – like, if there was a “Google for Speed and Accuracy Contest” she might actually win – what can we say? She’s a geek like that. Now, because of Pinterest, she doesn’t have to rely solely on her insane Googling skills – she just pins the heck out of stuff she loves!


So, here it is, her pin from a few weeks ago – realized. And there were only two casualties – read on to discover what they were – it’s like a treasure hunt.

Step 1: Gather Materials

  1. Rust-oleum Flat Black Spraypaint
  2. Pipe-cutter (buy a decent one)
  3. Curtain Rod Brackets
  4. Something to use as Finials – hers were wooden
  5. Electrical Conduit Piping – Comes in 10ft lengths – She bought 2 because her doors are 12 feet wide

Step 2: Set Up & Spraypaint Everything

She used one and a quarter cans of this spraypaint total – but had she been making a 10ft rod instead of 12, she would have been fine with just one.

Step 3: Ask Hubby To Take Down The Horrible Vertical Blinds While the Spray paint is Drying and Make a Funny Face Also

Who knew this was such a hassle? The brackets holding up this weird plastic & fabric molding thing are in-between the curtain track and the top of the door frame. You have to do this weird squeeze and tilt motion to get them out. It took us a good 20 minutes to figure it out. She was even tempted to make a video tutorial, then googled it and there are about 400 on youtube already:

Liz’s hairy man. Italian stallion 😉

Step 4: Install the Brackets for the New Rod

He is very thorough with measuring and leveling and all the things she doesn’t have patience for. They’re a good balance!

Step 5: Paint is Dry? Cut those Pipes

Secure pipe-cutter and rotate slowly, tightening it as needed. This one left nice, dull edges so we didn’t slice our faces off on the freshly cut pipe.

 Step 6: Cry When You Break the Old, Cheap Pipe-Cutter (Tried to Save Money) and Realize it’s Too Late to Hit Up Lowe’s

So that was Casualty Exhibit A.

Exhibit B Liz didn’t notice until later:

Step 8: Wash Feet Vigorously and Make Mental Note to Get A Pedicure

The pipe-cutter incident set us back a day – boo! We’ll have a complete second part of this how to very soon!

In the meantime, come visit us over at Craftbaby!

Thanks ladies! Can’t wait to see part 2! And LOVE those curtains Liz! 🙂


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    Thanks so much for hosting this great link party. I love to find new bloggy friends. I linked up my two blogs and am now a new follower!