Guest Post: Laura from Pink Cake Plate

Hi Y’All, I am Laura and I blog over at Pink Cake Plate and I am over the moon excited to be here sharing my little upcycle project with you!

 I met Allison at SNAP the Conference IRL for the first time and let me tell you she is a doll!! And that cute baby what can I say!! Sooooooo Adorable!! So Thank You Allison for letting me hang out here today!! Now on to the show!!! LOL!!

I came across this black and white damask print cross body bag and thought it would be perfect for my trip to Disneyland!! Matter of fact we are there today celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversarey!!


I loved it from the get go and so I grabbed it!! Now it was cute but I love ruffles and I discovered the fabric hot glue!! This is what I did to JAZZ up this bag even more to make it really POP! 
Here is what I used! 
Fabric glue sticks from Aleens, I bought a brand new glue gun just to use with these glue sticks!

I also bought a jelly roll of fabric that I loved!! Found this one at Walmart!
I used 4 of the strips and simply uses a straigt stitch to gather the fabric to create ruffles! I used the full length of the fabric strips which is 2.5″ x 44″, once sewn I simply used the stitching thread to gather the strips to go all the way around the bag. Easy the only sewing is a straight stitch to gather the strips!
I took the first ruffle and simply glued it where I wanted it to be. I placed the ruffle so it covered the bottom edge of the bag.
I ran a line of glue along the stitching and on the bag and pressed it down with my fingers so it was nice and secure!! going all the way around the bag. Here is the next row! You can see the glue on the bag and the ruffle!
I placed each ruffle overlapping the top of the row beneth. I used the gathering stitch for my guide.
I started on the left side of the bag and made sure to overlapp the ends of the ruffles to make it look finished.

The bag has an ouside zipper pocket that I covered with the 4th ruffle. It made it a hidden pocket!!

Once all 4 ruffles had been glued down I took a small strip of fabric and looped it thorugh the zipper to create a zipper pull! No sewing there!!!

And there is the finished bag!

I had a fabric flower from another project that I used to put that final touch on this bag!!

I hope you found this tutorial easy and fun. I am in love with fabric glue sticks!! It opens up a whole new world of creating!! 
Thanks Allison for letting me visit your corner of the internet!!! 
 SO cute Laura!! Thanks for sharing and have fun at Disney!


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  • peli
    July 12, 2012 at 5:00 am

    amazing colours!!! the cutest bag iv ever seen!!!