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How to Compromise (Between Spouses) on Decorating Ideas


The biggest problem most designers face when doing up the interiors of a house is not about which colors to choose or which accessories to include, but how to get all the members of the household to agree on a common theme. When spouses disagree and designers are caught in the middle and have to choose sides, it becomes a delicate and embarrassing situation which could also turn professionally disastrous if you say or do the wrong things. As a professional designer, it pays in more ways than one to know how to achieve a compromise between spouses or partners when it comes to decorating their home.

If husband and wife argue about design ideas during a discussion, you know they’re at loggerheads over the décor of their home. Some men give in completely to their wives while others insist on having their own way. Very few compromise and reach a solution that’s mutually beneficial. If they’re not able to reach a compromise and if you’re caught up in the middle of their arguments, here’s what you can do:

• Get both their opinions and reach a compromise before you begin – there’s nothing as wasteful as redoing décor that has just been done.
• Listen to their ideas and know what each one really wants. If there is a way to compromise, suggest it and hope they agree.
• If not, suggest keeping most areas of the house neutral while each gets their own space where they can implement the designs and colors of their choice.
• Show them pictures and slideshows of the interiors of other homes similar to theirs, and ask them to choose one they like. Some of them may not be able to see the picture in their mind when you talk about it, so photos and videos help visualize better.
• Focus on the partner who is willing to compromise the most and get them to agree to what the other one wants – this is the easiest and fastest way forward. You can do this by appealing to what they think is important; for example, the woman may want furniture and accessories that can be easily cleaned and maintained, so suggest décor ideas that will accede to this wish.
• At every stage of the negotiation process, keep in mind the budget and the time frame in which you have to complete the job, and don’t agree to anything that will push these boundaries unless they’re willing to spend more and pay you more for the extra time involved.
• And finally, don’t promise things you cannot deliver in the name of compromise – keep your goals realistic and practical because you don’t want to bend backwards to please your customers and then complain that you’ve been broken.

Helping to find a compromise not only saves the couple a ton of money, but also eliminates waste and reduces time and effort. At the end of the day, they’re both pleased with what you’ve achieved, and you can add one more notch to your bedpost of professional successes.

By-line: This guest post is contributed by Sharon Harlan, she writes on the topic of online interior design degrees. She welcomes your comments at her email id: sharon.harlan83gmailcom.

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