Halloween Wreath Watercolor Tutorial

Happy Wednesday friends!

I hope you are all doing well and are powering through your week but I also hope you take a little time to do something for yourself and perhaps that something is a little creative time. This week’s Watercolor Wednesday post is this sweet Halloween Wreath and even I am super excited about it and I am NOT a Halloween girl. lol

Isn’t it just so cute! It is even pretty quick as well, with the longest part being painting in the cat and pumpkin.

Let’s get started shall we?!

I did use 7 stamps sets, with one stamp from each set for this painting but if you don’t have all these sets, no biggie! Just use what you have on hand to create your own adorable Halloween wreath painting.

I kept the color palette dark and moody with a tiny pop of orange.

  • No 45 Sepia
  • No 86 African Violet
  • No 88 Terra Cotta
  • No 108 Dark Cherry
  • No 8 Violet
  • No 15 Black Tombow

I created this painting on a 5×5 piece of watercolor paper. I don’t recommend making this on anything smaller than a 5×5 but you could always go bigger.

Draw or trace a circle in the center of the paper. I traced the outer ring to the mason jar I use for my water.

Then ink the pumpkin stamp up with Sepia.

Stamp the pumpkin into the bottom right side of the circle.

Ink the little cat stamp with African Violet followed by Black. Do not ink the tail!

Stamp the little cat onto the positioner and figure out where you want it to sit. If you don’t have a positioner, no biggie, you can do this without one.

Stamp that little kitty into place next to the pumpkin. Then using a pencil, draw in a tail for the cat. Trace over the tail with the thin side of the African Violet then black.

Time to add some color!

For the pumpkin, paint it with terra cotta, adding layers to darken. Add a little sepia to the body of the pumpkin as well as the stem. You could even add a little African Violet to the pumpkin if you want to add some darker areas.

For the cat, paint the whole cat with African Violet first, leaving a highlight on the top of its head and tip of tail. Once the African Violet is dry, paint over it with black. Repeat the black as many times as you’d like.

Time for the wreath. Ink the leafy vine with black and work your way around the wreath. Start under the cat and end at the pumpkin stamping in the same direction the whole time. Press the stamp at least three times before applying more ink.

Ink the palm leaf with African Violet and add them in where ever you like. I am calling this a feather for this painting because I feel like this palm leaf looks like a feather and I wanted to fluff up my wreath. haha

Ink the branch with Black Cherry and add in the branches into any areas with large gaps.

Ink the berry stamp up with Violet for the berries and black on the stem and add them into the wreath.

And lastly, ink the flower stem with Terra Cotta for the flower and then black again for the stem and add in those orange flowers for a little pop of color.

Time to add water. Begin with the black leaves. Rinse the brush and touch the feathers. Then last, just barely touch the berries and orange flowers and you are done!

This would be so cute popped into a frame or even made into a card. Just stamp or write a little saying in the center of the wreath and you are good to go!

You can also just skip the water all together if you like that look. Can’t go wrong either way!

There you have it folks. A super, cute little Halloween Wreath painting that is sure to make any Halloween lover happy!

Stay tuned for a whole new Watercolor Wednesday post next week.

Be sure the check out the step by step video tutorial below to paint along with me as I create this painting.

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