Happy Thanksgiving Eve

Happy Thanksgiving!! 
Can you believe it is the end of November already? I am so grateful for each day that I get to spend with my family. We don’t always act like we love each other but we do. We also love to eat and play games.
Here are some of our favorite recipes that we have used in the past. 
This year we will be having sweet potatoes with candied pecans and brussel sprouts! I have a love for roasted brussel sprouts!! 
What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish!

Here are the links to all the recipes I used for our Thankgiving dinner last year:
Turkey and ham were store bought and we just had to heat them up!
Cornbread Dressing (this was the hit of the day…almost all gone on Thursday)
Green Bean Casserole
We also had cranberries, rolls (which I always forget in the oven), apple pie, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies and puppy chow!

Oh, and some Pumpkin Lager and Cold Morning Maple homebrew!

And if you need some things to do with your kids to pass some time here are some simple crafts that they would love to make…mine did!!
Paint a paper plate with brown and orange paint…and before the paint dries sprinkle some cinnamon on the paint. Then cut the plate into slice and glue on a cotton ball for “whipped cream.” 
Pumpkin pie without the calories!!

If you can cut some ovalish shapes from a cereal box and then glue on some crinkled brown paper to the end all you need is a little popcorn to make your very own “corn on the cob”!!
And we can’t forget the traditional handprint turkeys. We printed ours onto the back of cereal boxes to make them more sturdy…then we added a card stock red waddle, some pipe cleaner legs and the googly eye for a fun effect.

I pray you have a very blessed Thanksgiving!! 
Please leave me a comment about your favorite Thanksgiving dish and what you’re most thankful for!!
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