Haunted House Watercolor

Hello and are you ready for another Watercolor Wednesday? This week I have something for all those Halloween lovers out there with this Haunted House Watercolor painting.

I am not a HUGE Halloween person but as I was playing around with this little house and tree and the idea came to me to add the moon and a ghost in the window to make it a fun little Halloween painting.

This painting only using two colors and three stamps so it is a fun painting with only a few supplies. Here is how to create it yourself.

For this painting, I used the original foliage set, the shed set, and He Leads Me Bible journaling set. Each stamp is circled. Feel free to use any tree or building that you may have to make this painting work for you.

This painting only uses two markers… No 86 African Violet and No 45 Sepia. I also use a white gel pen for the ghost itself.

This painting is on a 4×4 piece of watercolor paper.

Begin by inking the small shed with Sepia followed immediately by African Violet. This will actually be how we ink up every stamp we use for this painting.

Press the shed around the center of the paper but more toward the bottom to leave room for the moon and the trees.

Mask off the shed using post it tape or a post it note.

Now, when I was creating this for photos, I made a mistake so ignore the tree in this photo. Use African Violet, really watered down and paint in the night sky. Leave an area for the moon above the shed.

Once the sky is dry completely, ink the tree in the same Sepia, African Violet combo.

Stamp the trees around the house, reinking the stamp each time. Again, make sure your sky is dry! As you can see on the right, my sky wasn’t yet so my branches smeared.

Remove the tape and paint in the house and the tree trunks. When you paint the window, leave area in the center for the ghost.

Ink the grass stamp and add it around the trees and house. Drag the color up and out from the grass.

Use the white pen to draw in the ghost and let dry.

Once the ghost is dry, use the thin side of the marker to add a little face onto the ghost.

And that’s it. Sign and date it and either pop it into a frame or turn it into a fun Halloween card.

Be sure to join me for a new tutorial next week. 🙂

Be sure the check out the step by step video tutorial below to create this painting right along with me.

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