Hello Sign- How to Make a Sign Without a Cutting Machine

It is the end of March and that means it is time for another “Craft with Me” Project post. 
 I have a project today that is perfect for those of you that have wanted to make a fun sign but you don’t own a cutting machine.
No cutting machine? No problem! Learn how to make a sign without a cutting machine. It is so easy!
It is easy and as long as you have a computer and printer, you are golden! 
Here is how you can make a sign for yourself.
-Wood Plaque or old piece of wood
-Graphite Pencil
-Paint Pens
-Dimensional Magic (Optional)

To start, decide what you will be using for your sign. You can buy a new wood plaque from a craft store or use an old piece of wood, or even new wood. If it is new, paint it out or stain it first. And if it is an old piece, I recommend giving it a light sanding.

On your computer, use a program like Microsoft Word, to type up whatever saying you’d like on your sign in whatever font that you like.
I wanted to make a sign to place by our front door so I typed up hello and welcome to decide what I liked better.
 Print it off to the size that best fits your project.
On the back side of the paper, using a graphite pencil, color the entire area behind the words you are going to use for your sign.
I would occasionally hold it up to the light every so often to make sure that it was fully colored behind the words.
 Place the paper on the wood where you want the words and then trace the word(s).
Once complete, you should be left with the word on the wood.
Then it is time to color it in. Use paint pens or if you are really good, acrylic paint and a brush, to outline and fill in the words.
Completely fill in the words and you can adjust the letters a little here and there if need be.
I decided to add a few highlights with gold and silver paint pens as well but this is optional.
I decided that the word looked a little flat so I added some dimensional accents to it.
I have this brand but Mod Podge also makes the same stuff.
It goes on foggy but it will dry clear and be slightly raised.
Since I created my sign on an old board we had, I thought I would add a little something extra by adding some ribbon to one end. No need to do this if you don’t want but you could always add an embellishment of some sort to your sign if you’d like. 
And the sign is complete. 
See, that was easy wasn’t it!? 
For now it is propped up the shelf we just build by the front door this weekend. 
The shelf will get painted out and I am not sure if I will keep it on the shelf or hang it on the wall but it will live in this little corner some where. 
No cutting machine? No problem! Learn how to make a sign without a cutting machine. It is so easy!
I hope you make a few signs for yourself!! 
Link up your creations to the linky party below.


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  • Margo
    March 31, 2016 at 1:08 pm

    Thank you for this easy way to make a sign! I still haven't figured out how to use my Cricut machine yet! 😛

  • Laxmi Rai
    August 26, 2016 at 6:00 am

    Great article. Happy to visit your blog. Thanks for sharing.

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