Hexagon Box Shelves

Boy, I’ve been slacking on this whole blog gig lately haven’t I? 
I’m an Olympics junkie and I may have watched it all day everyday and during that time, I also worked on some projects around the house or got my paint on painting some canvases to just let my creative juices out with the pressure to blog about it. I still may show you paintings because I am excited about them and if you follow me on Instagram, you have seen them already. 
But anyways…I did work on this during my absent and finally got it up on the wall the other day so I was able to take photos of it.
These were super simple and quick too! 

-Hexagon boxes (I found these on clearance at Michael’s)
-Paint of some sort, I used chalk paint
-Paint brush
-Gorilla Glue or another all purpose glue
– Clamps
 I chose to paint the inside of the shelves yellow and then the outside white.
You could always do a solid color or how about the inside white and the outside a color- whatever! 
Once they are completely painted, let dry completely.
After the paint is totally dry it is time to glue them together. 
You definitely can just hang them all separately but I thought I would be fun to connect them so I pulled out my gorilla glue to do the job.
Some dabs of glue along on of the sides of the large box was all it needed to attach two together. 
Then line up the edges of the two boxes and press tightly.
I clamped them together and let them sit for a little bit before moving onto the third box.
I then turned the shelves and glued the smallest on the top. Clamped it down and let dry completely.
NOTE: My shelves already had hanging brackets on the back. If yours does as well, be sure that when you are gluing the boxes together that the brackets on all facing the correct way to hang it properly!
 And that was it! It was ready to hang.
I hung it with two nails, one in the large one and then another on the medium box to the side, though the items I placed on it aren’t very heavy so I probably could have gotten away with just one nail.
I painted this watercolor print way back in high school and thought I’d hang it with the shelves since it was bright and whimsy.
They are hanging out together over the desk in our guest room nicely.


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