Historic City Point

Last week, Travis got out of school really early so we went down to Historic City Point in Hopewell to walk around the sites and hit up the river banks for sea glass.
It was a pretty cloudy day but the rain held off long enough to find some cool pieces of sea glass, many lavender pieces which are rare, and enjoy the Civil War sites.

Here are some pics from our day out.

We headed down to the river bank first to see what kind of sea glass we could find.
This was a HUGE port during the Civil War so we knew we would be able to find some good pieces.

Have to get a picture together.

I thought this tree root was cool looking.

Travis on the sea glass hunt.

These stairs came down to the river from some beautiful, historic houses up on the hill.

After we finished collecting sea glass, we headed up to the City Point area that was actually General Grant’s Headquarters during the Civil War.

This beautiful old house is on the property and was a hospital during the war at some point.
And this little building in the distance was actually Grant’s quarters while here.

Up close shot of the house.

This building was the kitchen.

Here is the back of the house that overlooks the river.

This is what I assume is a gazebo in the back of the house.

I could picture a table and chairs under here with all the vines covering the room for some splendid dinner parties.

This is actually one of the post of the gazebo.
It was hand carved and those two arms are actually candle holders built in.

Here is where General Grant stayed.

It was in a prime location near the water on the property.

As we walk through the rest of the park, this old house on near the end of the walk and I thought it was too pretty.

These awesome flowers were also at that house.

This yellow house was just on the outer edge of the park. It was also very pretty.

As we were walking back to the car, I noticed this old wagon sitting at one of the historic houses across the street from the park.

There are some pretty cool places around VA and I am glad we got to visit some of them during our time living here.

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  • Michelle @ Dream Home DIY
    September 26, 2011 at 4:31 pm

    Happy to see you're out exploring our beautiful state during your short time here!!