Holiday Home Tour

I am FINALLY sharing my Christmas decor with you all today and taking you on a little tour. 
I’ve had my decorations up for a while but finally got around to taking pictures and editing them.
So grab a hot cocoa, sit back and relax while I take you on a tour of my home. 
 I will start by the front door. 
I hung my wooden snowflake on the mirror with a little snowman on the table below. I also placed by little gift box tin where all the Christmas cards that we receive are kept.
Directly next to the front door, I hung my burlap Christmas art

I kept the end table that is normally by our sofa in the living room where it was but just pushed it into the corner so it wouldn’t be too close to our tree. 
I place some snowman decor on it and Miss P loves these little guys. 
In front of the large window in the front of the house is our Christmas tree. It always gets to be front and center! 
Continuing around the living room, I will move to the fireplace.
I kept the burlap that I used on the mantle for my fall decor since I have burlap ribbon in my Christmas tree. 
I also kept up the large window and place the wire star on it.
I had the small Christmas tree and then bought the large JOY letters from Target and the super cute and fun reindeer from Pier 1.
It is colorful and simple. I love it! 
Our stockings used to hang on our shutters in the past so I was pretty excited when they could actually be placed on the fireplace this year. 
Inside the fireplace, I placed another small tree, some candlestickes with glittery candles, and the little 25 plaque I made last year. 
Next to the fireplace is the Christmas Subway Art I created a few years ago. 
I had to figure out what to place on our shutters this year since the stockings were no longer going here. 
I place the my embroidery hoop ornaments and then my reindeer name art on them  since I had them both on hand. Not a fan of the ornaments on it but I didn’t want to make something new either so I will figure something out for next year.
Decorated the top with my usual garland as well. 
Then just placed a few decorations on the console table.
Here is the bottom of the console. 
I bought the tall Santa at Pier 1 this year.
I had the other Santa for a few years now and placed him in a forest of yarn trees I made last year.
On the floor by the console, I place this wooden tree that lights up.
Here is my dining room centerpiece.
I normally have pinecones and berries tucked within the garland but I accidentally packed all that away before I decorated the table. Oops!! 
I bought these fun snowflakes from Target a few years ago and they hang from the beam that separates the dining room from the family room. 
I wrapped the banister in a skinny garland and then also added a berry garland on top.
These are the decorations on the entertainment center in the family room.
Pretty much the same as every year. 
I placed my two small trees in the corner to the right of the entertainment center. 
It is decorated with ornaments Travis and I created when we were dating and now Miss P’s ornament.
One the end table in the family room, is my tiny nativity. 
And a quick stop in the kitchen will reveal this silver tinsel tree on the bottom of our island.
Along with the NOEL sign I made last year in the window above our stove.
That concludes the tour.
I forgot to take a picture of the cute little tree in Miss P’s room and our outdoor decor but that’s ok! 
I hope you enjoyed my home tour and maybe got a few ideas for how to decorate your house next year.
 Merry Christmas!!


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  • BlueClearSky Elizabeth
    December 22, 2013 at 12:18 am

    Your home looks pretty decorated for the holidays. I especially like the burlap art and your pretty Nativity. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year.