Holiday Home Tour

It is Christmas Eve and thought I would FINALLY share my holiday home tour. 
Not much has changed from the last few years so I was debating on even sharing at all and decided to do it anyways. 
I will start by the front door and work my way around the house. 
 Wooden snowflake hanging in front of the mirror by the front door with a little snowman on the table along with the little metal box we keep the Christmas cards as they arrive.
 I hung my stenciled burlap Christmas art next to the front door.

On our way to the tree. I placed it in front of the window in the front of the house like I normally do so you can see it from outside.

I kept the little round table that is normally by our couch where it was just pushed it into the corner and then placed a crystal tree and a painted horse statue that was given to Miss P last year on it. 
No special theme for our tree. I love glass ornaments so my collection always gets used along with childhood ornaments and a few handmade ones. 
I put burlap ribbon on the tree and then also used a sheer ribbon with blue, green, and pink glitter stripes on it around the tree as well to tie in the new colors I was bringing into my decor.
Swing around the the mantle area.
I kept the other table that is normally by the couch and placed some snowman on it. 
Also hung my Christmas subway art on the wall by the mantle. 
On the mantle is the new glitter ball wreath I created this year hanging on an old window, the letters JOY that I bought at Target last year along with a small tree and the fun reindeer I got at Pier 1 last year. I placed all that on burlap draped across the mantle. 
Stockings are hung from simple hooks and then in the fireplace I just placed another small tree with some candle sticks and a 25 plaque.
I still love my centerpiece decor for my dining room table so I did it again this year. Only change would be to two new chunky candles. I found these glittery birch bark candles at Khols and loved them so I snagged a few. 
Entertainment center decor hasn’t changed too much either. I just added those cute little wooden trees that I found at Michaels.
Placed out two small trees next to the entertainment center which is decorated with a bunch of handmade glass ornaments and other handmade ornaments.
This little silver tinsel tree has a home under the island in the kitchen and I feel like it pops more against the new yellow paint job.
And lastly, I placed these two little silver birds I found at Michael’s this year on the window sill above our stove. Then I just placed a painting I painted a few weeks ago next to them in the window.
And that’s it! Told ya it was nothing too different than in years past. 
We will be some where new next year so it will be interested to see how I am able to decorate. 
Enjoy your Christmas Eve and have a fabulous Christmas as well!!


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