Homemade Garlic Oil

We are garlic lovers in our house. 
I use it in practically every dish, whether cloves or powder, and we even use garlic oil as well.
I ran out of my store bought garlic oil and thought I’d try to make my own.
It is so simple and pretty quick too. 
 Here is how you can make some for yourself.

-Garlic clove
-1 cup Olive Oil
To begin, peel and smash some garlic cloves. You could also chop them if you like but I just smashed mine and left it whole.
Place the cloves and olive oil in a sauce pan.

Turn on low-medium heat to get the oil to boil.
Bubbles will begin to form around the garlic.
Let the garlic boil for about 10 mins.
If the garlic begins to turn brown, turn down the heat to low and continue cooking.
Once complete, let cool and then bottle or place in a jar.
I found this olive oil bottle at Target.
You will need to store your olive oil in your refrigerator. It is also recommended that you use your oil within a week.
 Do you like garlic as much as I do?


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