Homemade Mint Hot Chocolate Mix

Christmas is around the corner and the cold weather is here to stay so I’ve been staying warm by staying in my kitchen creating some yummy treats for our neighbors, teachers, and friends. 
I don’t always make treats for everyone but this year I was in the mood so I got to work. 
Today, I am sharing a yummy recipe for Homemade Mint Hot Chocolate Mix that is so easy to make as a gift OR just make this giant batch and keep it for yourself to drink it all winter long. We sure do enjoy hot chocolate in our house so I will probably be making another batch for us to keep as well. 
 Now before I begin I just want to share that I did take photos of me making this mix during the entire process. I mean, it isn’t hard to figure out, but I had an ingredients picture and steps BUT I didn’t realize that Travis took the SD card out of the camera and our new camera lets you take pictures even without a card so I had to reshoot just the finished shots because I didn’t have any more ingredients. All well. Things happen right?! 
Ok, so let’s get to the recipe shall we?
Ingredients for the mix:
– 2 cups Confectioner Sugar
– 1 cup Cocoa Powder
– 2 cups Dry Milk
– 1 cup Mints (I used Andes Mint backing chips)
– 1 5oz. Chocolate Pudding Mix
In a large bowl, sift the confectioner sugar, followed by the cocoa powder to remove any lumps. Stir in the dry milk and pudding mix. 
In a food processor, grind the mint chips into as small as pieces as possible. Some of mine got very little, almost like a powder, some stayed a little chips, but once I noticed it not doing anything else I stopped. Stir in the mint. 
And that’s it! 
Place in a large air tight container if you plan on keeping it or place in small mason jars with marshmallows and mint pieces for gifts. 
 I placed a label on top of the jar with what the jar contained and then wrote the directions on serving on the back. This one is for Miss P’s teacher so I wrote her name as well. Tied a pretty bow around the jar and it is good to go! 
To serve, place 2 or 3 tablespoons of mix into hot water or milk. 
I prefer 2 tablespoons myself.
Top with mini marshmallows and mint pieces and it is just delicious! 
The mint is the perfect amount without overpowering the cocoa. Mmmmm! 
I placed a few scoops of the mix into the jar then placed mini marshmallows and mint before filling the jar the rest of the way topping with more marshmallows and mint. 
 Again, this makes the perfect gift but it is also cheaper to make your own cocoa mix than to buy the premix stuff. And if you aren’t a fan of mint, just leave it out! It is still super delicious! 

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