House Tour: Miss S’s Room

I’m back today with another house tour post, this time sharing with you Miss S’s new room. 
Her room is rather small. The previous owners used it as a guest room/office.
It is to the left of the stairs as soon as you walk up the back stairs of the house.
  Here is her room before. Wood floors, light beige walls, and some crazy curtains with an ivy accent.
We immediately painted her room as well as soon as we closed on the house to try to get her room set up quickly.
We painted her room a light purple. Looks kinda pink in this picture but it is a light purple and actually matches the light purple in her existing curtains really well which was a nice surprise since we just picked the color on a whim. Miss P thought purple would be a good color for Miss S’s room and we agreed since there was so much purple already in her room decorations.

We were able to reuse the curtains from our old house and tucked her little chair with books and toy basket under the windows.

We placed her dresser on the wall right as you walk in by the door. I then placed her wreath, large frame and small owl above her dresser.
Her room doesn’t have a closet and the previous owners had that large shelving unit in the room and we bought it from them and adapted it so we could use it as a wardrobe for her clothing and then I placed totes on the very bottom for blankets and sheets. I am still debating on painting this piece and placing fabric behind the glass to hide all her clothes but that is way down on my priority list at this point.
I tucked her night stand over in the corner with her lamp and a picture frame on it and then placed a few things on top of the wardrobe itself.
Her crib is on the main wall of the room.
I placed her wood monogram back above her crib and then placed all the frames that were over her dresser at our old house all around her monogram. (Ignore the sideways photo. I need to update all the photos in her frames.)
You can’t see it in any of the pictures but on the floor in front of the crib, ok really centered in her room, we bought the same white rug that is is Miss P’s room to add a little softness to the hard floor.
And that’s it! Super fast room tour since her room is so tiny! lol
Stay tuned for more home tours as rooms get completed!

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