How to Create Your Own Printable using PicMonkey

It is the end of the month which means that it is time for another “Craft with Me” post. 
Today, I am sharing how you can create your own printables. It is fun and easy and you don’t need a fancy program to do it in. 
I normally edit all my photos in PicMonkey but I also frequently create my printables in PicMonkey and I will show you how easy it is.  
So are you ready to get your creative juices flowing and design something fun?
Let’s do it! 
 First, go to

Next, you will place your mouse over the “Design” option on the top in which a new drop down menu will slide down.
This is where you can decide what to do. Would you like a blank canvas, use one of the new templates, or create a custom size masterpiece.
For this I just chose “blank canvas”
Then it will ask what size canvas. I picked 8×10.
 Your blank canvas will open and it will have the canvas color open for you. 
You can leave it white, pick any color background, or even make the background transparent.
Next, it is time to design.
You have a few options.
You can click on the little butterfly icon in the left hand tool column and either upload your own images that you may have saved on your computer or use one of their many graphics and overlays.
You could also click on the themes icon farther down, it is currently a little cat but it changes with the seasons/holidays, and there they have Halloween, Christmas, Winter, and other theme groups full of images, editing options, and fonts that you can use. 
For this purpose, I picked the Trick or Treat theme and created a little haunted house design.
Stack the images, change the colors, fade items, mess around with the items until you get the look you desire. 
You can also add works with one fonts in the theme OR click on the Text icon to use any of the other great fonts in PicMonkey.
And that’s it! 
Click save and you are ready to go! 
 When printing, I recommend playing with your printer settings to make sure that none of the design is cut off.
Create fun birthday tags, Halloween signs, Christmas signs, the possibilities are endless. 
So have fun, get creative, and design to your heart’s content!


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